When the issue about Transgenderism started, many disagreed with it. Majority in adults will experience discrimation in our society, and at this point in time , there are actually laws that are implemented to protect transgender individuals.

When i was young, boys knew they were boys doing boy things. and the girls, on the other hand, know that they are girls and do girl things.

No one was confused about what their gender was and no one was confused about the difference between a vagina ang penis.

Nowadays, according to the opinion of the majority that is united by medicine, when you are a person suffering or You may feel the presence of two or more people talking or living inside your head, and you may feel as though you’re possessed by other identities, you have Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder), and what happens to people who experience it? They undergo psychiatric sessions, sometimes worse, you will be confined to a psychiatric hospital. there is a corresponding medicine that will be given to you to adjust your thinking to reality so that you can be considered “normal”.

Gender Dysphoria
-A difference between gender identity and genitals or secondary sex characteristics, such as breast size, voice and facial hair. …

-A strong desire to be rid of these genitals or secondary sex characteristics, or a desire to prevent the development of secondary sex characteristics.

To stop Gender Dysphoria, Medical treatment is suggested to as:

1. Hormone therapy, such as feminizing hormone therapy or masculinizing hormone therapy.
2. Surgery, such as feminizing surgery or masculinizing surgery to change the chest, external genitalia, internal genitalia, facial features and body contour.

What happens if you don’t treat gender dysphoria?

Although gender dysphoria is not a mental illness, when not addressed, it may lead to worsening mood issues, depression and anxiety, and may further complicate the issues the individuals may be having. Insurance may cover some illnesses associated with gender dysphoria and gender dysphoria care.

In this context and description is that it is not a “mental illness” even if you have a desire to change your physical appearance that is still necessary to undergo a change of a person’s body or genitals

Transgender is an umbrella term for persons whose gender identity, gender expression or behavior does not conform to that typically associated with the sex to which they were assigned at birth.

Gender-incongruent; Transgender; Gender identity disorder. Gender dysphoria is the term for a deep sense of unease and distress that may occur when your biological sex does not match your gender identity. In the past, this was called gender identity disorder.

What should parents do if their child appears to be transgender or gender nonconforming?
Parents may be concerned about a child who appears to be gender-nonconforming for a variety of reasons. Some children express a great deal of distress about their assigned sex at birth or the gender roles they are expected to follow.

Some children experience difficult social interactions with peers and adults because of their gender expression. Parents may become concerned when what they believed to be a “phase” does not pass.

Parents of gender-nonconforming children may need to work with schools and other institutions to address their children’s particular needs and ensure their children’s safety.

It is helpful to consult with mental health and medical professionals familiar with gender issues in children to decide how to best address these concerns. It is not helpful to force the child to act in a more gender-conforming way. Peer support from other parents of gender-nonconforming children may also be helpful.

When we were little, our family made us aware that society is made up of women and men, being gay or homosexual is a sin according to the bible.

where does a man’s desire to be a woman come from and where does a woman’s desire to be a man come from?

I know some lesbians who say they are boys at some point around their puberty, but over time, and also because of the emotional support of friends and family, they were convinced to walk the right path. Meaning to embrace themselves who they really are as “women”. Now, you will see in them that they made the right decision in life and establish themselves a happy family.

In my opinion, homosexuality or transgenderism or whatever term they use, happened when they were not nurtured and supported by their families physically, emotionally and mentally.

May everyone’s mind be more open and understand why this is happening to prevent this type of thinking.



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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