Trump Just Dealt Loony Liberal California a BRUTAL BLOW

Criminal Democrats are dependent on cheating, criminals and illegals to get elected in to positions. This is all about protecting their (power) base, as we know, who would elect criminals into office? Yes, other criminals ..

From TruthFeed

By now, everyone is aware that “Kate’s Law” passed the House and now moves onto the Senate.

The ONLY GOP Rep. who VOTED NO was a traitor and #NeverTrump Palestinian “Republican” named Justin Amash, who represents Michigan’s 3rd District.

The other law that passed is significant as well.

It’s the law to DEFUND sanctuary cities.

Please note, traitor Justin Amash ALSO voted “no” on this law.

This is the law that will ultimately bring down sanctuary cities, or “sanctuary states” like California, who are bankrupt and in desperate needs of federal funds.

These states and cities can’t afford to lose grants and federal funds, and will likely be forced to comply with President Trump’s immigration enforcement.

From Fox News

The second measure, “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act,” would cut federal grants to states and “sanctuary cities” that refuse to cooperate with law enforcement carrying out immigration enforcement activities.

“The word ‘sanctuary’ calls to mind someplace safe, but too often for families and victims affected by illegal immigrant crime, sanctuary cities are anything but safe,” Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly asserted in the pre-vote press conference.

“It is beyond my comprehension why federal state and local officials … would actively discourage or outright prevent law enforcement agencies from upholding the laws of the United States,” he added.

While gaining support in the Senate for similar legislation will be a tough road, Trump called for Congress to act quickly.

Trump called on the House and the Senate to “to honor grieving American families” by approving a “package of truly key immigration enforcement bills” so that he could sign them into law.

“I promise you, it will be done quickly.  You don’t have to wait the mandatory period. It will be very quick,” promised Trump.

Earlier on Wednesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas D. Homan and U.S. Attorney for Utah John W. Huber made their case for the bills during the White House press briefing.

Huber said 40 percent of Utah’s current felony caseload involves criminal alien prosecutions and the number is increasing.

The bills, Huber asserted, would “advance the ball for law enforcement in keeping our communities safe” and “would give officers and prosecutors more tools to protect the public.

Many immigration rights groups have characterized efforts to crack down on sanctuary cities as “anti-immigrant,” but Attorney General Jeff Sessions says it is not sound policy to allow sanctuary cities to flout federal immigration laws.

According to Homan, ICE already has arrested nearly 66,000 individuals this year that were either known or suspected to be in the country illegally. Of those arrested, 48,000 were convicted criminal aliens.


House Passes Kate’s Law And No Sanctuary For Criminals Act


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