Trump Supporters FIRE BACK at Dem Lawmaker Threatening Trump’s Life

A Democrat lawmaker from Maine named Scott Hamman has just done the unthinkable.

Or, what we once thought was “unthinkable,” but is sadly “normal” now for VIOLENT liberals.

He not only trashed 63 million Trump supporters, he also THREATENED President Trump’s life.

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Since issuing his violent and repugnant words, the disgusting lawmaker Scott Hamman has “apologized.”

It’s another FAKE apology, one that these blood-thirsty nut jobs always release after they receive backlash for their vile words.

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Trump supporters, who were understandably appalled and enraged, took to Twitter to express how they felt about YET ANOTHER liberal inciting and urging violence against our president.

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Communism, fascism, nazism, socialism, greenism i.e. THE LEFT, what they all have in common is common ownership and control (big, authoritarian government), incompetence and envy (goes without saying), no free speech and censorship (for example MILO at Berkeley or, try to get a critical climate science paper published in Nature or Science), arbitrary imprisonment, rioting, violence and random murder.

That is what low IQ does ..


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