Trump tweeted an image from a spy satellite, declassified document shows

Three years ago, Donald Trump tweeted an image that left intelligence experts gobsmacked.
The picture was of a rocket that had exploded on a launch pad deep inside of Iran. It was so crisp, that some initially thought it may not have been taken by a satellite.
“This picture is so exquisite, and you see so much detail,” says Jeffrey Lewis, who studies satellite imagery at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. “At first, I thought it must have been taken by a drone or something.”
But aerospace experts quickly determined it was photographed using one of America’s most prized intelligence assets: a classified spacecraft called USA 224 that is widely believed to be a multibillion-dollar KH-11 reconnaissance satellite.

Now, three years after Trump’s tweet, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) has formally declassified the original image. The declassification, which came as the result of a Freedom of Information Act request by NPR, followed a grueling Pentagon-wide review to determine whether the briefing slide it came from could be shared with the public.

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Amateur satellite trackers say they believe an image tweeted by President Trump on Friday came from one of America’s most advanced spy satellites.
The image almost certainly came from a satellite known as USA 224, according to Marco Langbroek, a satellite-tracker based in the Netherlands. The satellite was launched by the National Reconnaissance Office in 2011. Almost everything about it remains highly classified, but Langbroek says that based on its size and orbit, most observers believe USA 224 is one of America’s multibillion-dollar KH-11 reconnaissance satellites.
“It’s basically a very large telescope, not unlike the Hubble Space Telescope,” Langbroek says. “But instead of looking up to the stars, it looks down to the Earth’s surface and makes very detailed images.”

“The former president Trump tweeted this 3 years ago meaning that Presidents have unilateral authority to declassify secret government information. This just show that US has a good overhead intelligence when it comes to surveillance. What their issue is, is that former President Donald Trump released a picture that is more clear and detailed.

However, the NPR made it seemed that the Former President does something illegal, which is NOT when it comes to US surveillance and the security of this country, which is one of his main objective.”

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President Trump responded to the latest special counsel investigation by the Joe Biden regime.
AG Merrick Garland announced on Friday he was opening another special investigation of President Donald Trump three days after he announced his run for president.
Tonight President Trump responded to the junk investigation at Mar-a-Lago.
The video was from GETTR Live.

FOX News refused to air it.

President Trump told his Mar-a-Lago guests, “We cannot let them get away with it… Why is there not a special counsel for them?  I’ve done nothing wrong.  They’ve been involved in criminal activity…. These people are corrupt and yet they go after the innocent… Millions of pages, they’ve got nothing.  You take a look at the fake impeachment hoax and I won.  We won.  We went through the whole process… Isn’t this sort of double jeopardy?  We did so well in a very hostile Congress.  I made a perfect phone call… Can you imagine if the call was actually a bad call?… Why aren’t they investigating all of the presidents who proceeded me? Obama, Clinton, the Bushes… They took documents with them.  It is such an unfair situation that is happening.  If they are going to investigate me they need to investigate all the others.  They have to invade Bill and Hillary’s home… The Bush’s home…  We living in a very bad country… Third world countries have their results in the next day… Our borders are wide open… Itf they really wanted to run against me they would say let him run… We’ve done nothing wrong and they’ve committed massive crimes.   We are going to  restore power to the people… As I’ve said earlier in the week our comeback starts right now…


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