Tucker Nails It on Biden’s Decline: ‘We’re in Legitimate Danger. Democrats Need to Pull Back.’

Published July 2, 2024

I’ll admit it—I miss Tucker Carlson’s Fox show which came on at 8 p.m. every night. It was appointment TV, and during the day, I’d wonder, what the heck is he going to say tonight? You never quite knew where he would go with one of his brilliant monologues, but it was always interesting, and I loved the way he’d continuously freak out the left by dropping some hard truths.

He certainly hasn’t disappeared since his abrupt firing by Fox News, and he has regular programming at tuckercarlson.com, but I still miss my nightly sit-down in front of the teletube. (That’s not to take anything away from the current Fox hosts, who, compared to their cable news and network competitors, bring far and away the most interesting commentary of the major media outlets—besides RedState, of course.)Like all of us, Tucker couldn’t help but notice that Biden’s declining mental status doesn’t just put his reelection campaign in jeopardy, it threatens all of us:

If Kamala’s going to be the nominee, she might as well be the president first. That leaves the question of Trump, and his sentencing on July 11. Biden’s collapse makes this a much more perilous moment than it was. At this point Trump is not just the Republican candidate, but effectively the presumptive president. If you’re going to put him in jail, it had better be for a very serious crime that everyone agrees he committed. Otherwise you risk destroying the system completely and forever. We’re in legitimate danger. Democrats need to pull back.



SOURCE: www.redstate.com

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Published July 2, 2024

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed on Monday that several prominent Democrat leaders have suggested US President Joe Biden is “brain-damaged” and may soon be removed from running for the post again.

Carlson believes this situation is creating a critical moment for both Democratic and Republican parties, especially concerning former President Donald Trump and his upcoming sentencing on July 11.

Carlson said, “Biden is done. Bet on it. Too many prominent Democrats have suggested he’s brain damaged. They can’t walk that back. They have to remove him, and they will. The only question is when. If they’re smart, they’ll do it immediately. If Kamala’s going to be the nominee, she might as well be the president first.”

Carlson also said that at this point Trump can be deemed to be the next US President. “At this point Trump is not just the Republican candidate, but effectively the presumptive president,” he asserted.


SOURCE: www.indiatimes.com


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