UK teachers blast attempts to ban hijab in schools as “racism dressed as liberalism”

What race is Sharia again? I keep forgetting. Why do these “educators” not have any concern for Muslim girls who are forced to wear hijab, and are sometimes brutalized for not doing so? For the same reason that British authorities turned a blind eye to Muslim rape gang activity for so many years. It is the most important priority for British authorities not to appear “Islamophobic.” The whole country can go down the drain, and that’s what it’s doing, but as long as these people aren’t accused of “Islamophobia,” all is well.

“Ofsted defends itself as teachers say attempts to ban hijab ‘racism dressed as liberalism,’” by Carly Read, Express, April 1, 2018:

DEFIANT Ofsted defended itself against a backlash from teachers today after speakers at the NUT conference blasted inspectors’ attempts to ban hijabs in classrooms as “racism dressed up as liberalism”….

The Ofsted head said creating environments where the girls are expected to wear hijabs “could be interpreted as sexualisation of young girls”.

Furious teachers accused Ms Spielman of taking an “unwarranted and typically draconian stance” on the issue and dubbed it as “wholly inappropriate” for the watchdog to quiz primary-age pupils on their choice of dress.

Kaiser Jan, a delegate from Leeds, accused the chief inspector of wading in on the approach of “ we must rid our schools of these weapons of mass destruction – the hijab”.

She ranted: “Well let me tell you Amanda Spielman, we’re not going to take it. I am so proud to be in a union that is challenging this, I am so proud that we stand shoulder to shoulder.

“Whatever your ideas about the hijab, I’m so proud of our general secretary who has stood shoulder to shoulder and head to head with Amanda Spielman telling her our union is not going to accept her Islamaphobic policies.”

She added: “We have taken regressive steps, where our children are now being told, or made to feel, they must leave their cultural, and linguistic and religious identity at the door.

“I know Muslim girls and men who have shaved off their beards, taken off their hijabs so they can Anglicise themselves to fit in, so they are not viewed as part of the problem.”

Pete Smith, a delegate from Swindon, blasted the Ofsted policy on hijabs as racism “dressed up as liberalism”.

Ms Spielman previously gave her support to Neena Lall, head of St Stephen’s Primary School in east London, which argued school leaders have the right to set uniform rules.

The school was forced to back down on plans to ban hijabs in class.



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