Ukraine releases video appearing to show Russian troops beating own wounded officer

Harrowing footage thought to show Wagner group fighters beating commander with what appear to be shovels

Warning: video contains footage that some viewers may find distressing

Ukraine has released extraordinary video footage that appears to show Russian fighters dragging their badly wounded commander away from the battlefield, and then beating him violently with what appear to be shovels.

A Ukrainian drone captured the incident near the eastern city of Bakhmut, where intense fighting has been raging for months. Four soldiers from Russia’s Wagner mercenary group carry their colleague through a landscape of ruined houses, holding his arms and legs.

They then dump him next to a barn. A second video appears to show three men then hitting him repeatedly with shovels. The fate of the injured commander is unclear. But the episode tallies with persistent reports of low morale among Russian mercenary units.

Ukrainian soldiers fighting in and around Bakhmut have described how Wagner troops attack in waves. They are reportedly threatened with execution if they fail to advance and are mown down in large numbers, their corpses littering the frontlines.

A drone unit from the Seneka special platoon shot the footage earlier this week. It was released on Ukrainian social media channels on Monday.

Speaking in his nightly address, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said Ukrainian units were repelling repeated Russian attempts to encircle Bakhmut and break through its defences.

“We are countering them. I am grateful to every warrior who ensures counter-action with his resilience,” he declared. Zelenskiy said he had discussed the “key issue” of ammunition supply in a meeting on Monday with his army staff.

Over the weekend, sources inside Zelenskiy’s own Servant of the People party suggested Ukraine’s defence minister, Oleksii Reznikov, would be moved out of his job. This followed a corruption scandal in which the ministry paid two or three times the supermarket price of food to supply frontline troops.

On Tuesday, it appeared Reznikov was staying put. Ukraine’s national security and defence council, parliamentarians and some western allies argued it was the wrong time to remove him, ahead of an expected Russian counter-offensive. It is uncertain how long Reznikov might remain in post.

In a tweet, Reznikov said he was “holding the line”. He added: “Thank you all for your support, as well as constructive criticism. We draw conclusions. We continue the reforms. Even during the war.”

According to the centre for defence strategies, a Kyiv thinktank, the Russian military command has recently changed its tactics in Bakhmut. Soldiers were now launching continuous and rolling assaults that sometimes lasted “for 10 hours”, it said.



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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