Ukrainians flock to Kyiv ski slopes as missile strikes ease on capital amid fresh calls for warplanes in fight against Russia

Crowds with skis and snowboards were snapped queuing up for the lift to take on the slopes which are expected to remain open until March 20

Families flooded to Kyiv‘s ski slopes today as missile strikes have died down in Ukraine‘s war-torn capital.

With the nation entering its first full winter since Russia’s catastrophic invasion last year, many flocked to Protasiv Yar ski resort near to downtown Kyiv.

The complex, which opened to the public on December 8, welcomes around two to three thousand visitors on weekend days, with soldiers sometimes given free access.

Crowds clutching skis and snowboards were snapped queuing up to take on the slopes which are expected to remain open until March 20.

Others were spotted taking selfies and chatting with friends on top of the hill overlooking its battle-scarred surroundings.

This escape from the harsh wartime reality comes just after missile strikes have eased in the capital.

Moscow unleashed a wave of attacks on virtually every major Ukrainian city during the last few months, knocking out critical infrastructure and burying civilians under debris.

One of the deadliest strikes occurred in central Dnipro, where a nine-storey apartment block crumbled, killing at least five people and injuring 27.

Damage to critical infrastructure also forced Ukraine into electricity shutdowns so that operators could work on repairs.

Kyiv’s citizens were among many others driven to cooking days in advance, wearing extra layers and staying home in the darkness on alert for the next Russian attack.



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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