Ukrainians Shoot 11 Russian POWs in Cold Blood

Videos circulating on social media seem to show Ukrainian forces executing 11 Russian POWs. The videos have been confirmed by the New York Times. The UN Human Rights Monitor in Ukraine spoke of “credible allegations of summary executions … by members of the Ukrainian armed forces.”
US regime-controlled media always portray the Russians as the cruel aggressors and the Ukrainians as the noble defenders. Anyone who spends any time investigating what is going on in Ukraine realizes one thing: It’s not that simple.
“America First” patriots like Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon tend to view the War in Ukraine as a “border conflict” between two far-off Eastern European countries that America has nothing to do with.
The current videos will surely heat up this debate.
Videos from the village of Makeyevka in the northern Luhansk region allegedly show 11 captured Russian soldiers lying on the ground. Apparently, the prisoners were subsequently executed. Ukrainian sources charge that a 12th Russian emerged from hiding and opened fire, leading to the bloodbath.

“The videos, whose credibility we have established, represent a rare opportunity to see some of the horrific situations of the war, but they do not show why the Russian soldiers were killed,” wrote the New York Times. Judging by the video, “at least 11 Russians were killed at close range after one of their comrades opened fire on Ukrainian soldiers who were standing nearby.”
The Ukrainian border guards who shot the prisoners were identified as Artur Bortnichuk and Mikhailovsky Nazar.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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