United States is the ‘real destroyer’ and instigator of war in Ukraine by ‘bullying and intimidating’ Russia, Chinese ambassador claims

The United States caused the war in Ukraine and is the ‘real destroyer’ of world peace, a Chinese official in Moscow has claimed.
Beijing‘s man in Moscow Zhang Hanhui said America is ‘the initiator and main instigator’ of Putin‘s invasion and that ‘their ultimate goal is to exhaust and crush Russia’.
Mr Hanhui warned Washington that a similar approach in Taiwan would result in ‘an even greater crushing defeat’ than it has supposedly suffered in Ukraine.
The Putin apologist ambassador blamed the tens of thousands of deaths in Ukraine on the US and accused it of deliberately expanding NATO to ‘threaten’ Russia.

Hanhui added in striking comments to Kremlin news agency TASS: ‘China strongly opposes the following misguided US actions: hegemony, intimidation and bullying.
‘US hegemonism and power politics have become the greatest challenge to the progress and peaceful development of human civilisation.
‘We hope that the United States will understand that […] indirect wars and interference in the domestic affairs of other countries have no perspective.
‘Non-intervention in internal affairs is the most fundamental principle of maintaining peace and stability in our world.’

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11101663/United-States-real-destroyer-instigator-war-Ukraine-Chinese-ambassador-claims.html

By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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