US Navy says vessels seized by Iran were unarmed, ‘posed no risk to naval traffic’

A view of support ship Shahid Baziar from Iran’s IRGC Navy and Saildrone Explorer unmanned surface vessel in international waters of the Gulf, August 30, 2022. (Reuters)

On Friday, the US Navy made it known that an Iranian warship had earlier in the week taken two US unmanned surface vehicles and detained them in the Red Sea.
This occurred two days after Iran attempted to take a similar vessel in the Gulf but was unsuccessful. The US Navy reported that two Saildrone Explorer unmanned surface crafts, which were sailing close to one another in international seas, were taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Jamaran (FFLG 76) ship before being handed back to it the next day.


The Red Sea, a vital international waterway connecting the Arabian Peninsula to northern Africa, does not border Iran.
On Thursday, “many unmanned espionage vessels abandoned in the international marine lines,” according to state television, were discovered by the Iranian navy.
Jamaran seized the two vessels “after two warnings to an American destroyer to prevent any incidents,” according to official television. “The Naval Squadron No. 84 released the ships in a safe area after protecting the international commerce route.”
The U.S. Navy was advised not to repeat similar occurrences in the future, it continued.
The seized drones were recognized by the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet in the Middle East as Saildrone Explorers, which are commercially accessible and utilized by many clients, including scientists, to monitor open waters.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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