US Warming 68% Faster Than The Rest Of The Planet

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How come the people promoting the climate issue are the only ones making money of off it??

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R. J. L.

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“Nice little climate you’ve got there – we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to it.”

The pictures below shows methane bobbles in frozen lakes, this is what theGreenscall “Cow Fart” and is the reason you should all eat insects, no, not us, – YOU, doh!!

Methane is seeping out of the earth’s crust all over the world. In Australia this phenomenon has been blamed on fracking (I know, you can’t make this shit up. “Greens” are just ignorant, stupid or both, ok – both!)

With all this Methane seeping out of the earth’s crust, why isn’t there more of it in the atmosphere? When Methane comes in contact with Oxygen it oxidizes into Water (H2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Methane, or Cow Fart will never be a problem also for another reason. The reason CO2 doesn’t have a measurable warming effect in the atmosphere is because of the atmosphere’s density, all measurable energy trasportation is done by convection and advection below the clouds, overturning of air mass, i.e. wind, not radiation.

Activists keeps telling me I am wrong, so far they have failed to show how I am wrong. Mother nature and empirical data doesn’t disprove what I am writing. No warming in over 2 decades according to satellite measurements:

100% Data Tampering