“Using A New Method”

Image: Record Cold Sweeps Massachusetts, + the Sun Fires-Off its first X-Flare in 4 years

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Video: Tony Heller
The transparent climate disinformation campaign being waged by journalists, academics and politicians – makes my work exposing them very easy

Global Warming Stalls Again – Back To Levels Seen 20 Years Ago! And: No Warming In Tokyo This Century

Summer Snow forecast for parts of Canada, as Record Cold Looms for the United States

Australia braces for another Polar Blast, as New Zealand suffers -11.2C (11.8F)

I.e. No natural, global warming and even less Man Made Global Warming. So why are they lying? What is it they want with their propaganda?:

Radical resetters publish plan to wreck America and the free world

Radical resetters’ press release: Degrowth, radically reduce living standards

Radical resetters show their math in new peer-reviewed study

100% Data Tampering