Van Jones: ‘High Likelihood’ ‘Biden Victory Ultimately Means Kamala Harris Will Be President’

Published June 29, 2024

On Friday’s broadcast of “CNN NewsNight,” CNN Political Commentator and former Obama Adviser Van Jones said that Republican claims that Vice President Kamala Harris is really on the ballot are accurate and “it’s hard to imagine” the Joe Biden that “you saw yesterday” on the debate stage “making it four-and-a-half more years. And so, you do have to acknowledge, there is a high likelihood that a Joe Biden victory ultimately means Kamala Harris will be president.”

Host Abby Phillip said, “This has been something that they have described as a conservative talking point, a hitjob, that she’s really the one on the ballot. But it seems like, at this very moment, that is true.”

Jones responded, “Yeah. Because, look, Joe Biden did a great job today, and that was a relief for a lot of people, but it’s hard to unsee yesterday. And it’s hard to imagine the guy you saw yesterday making it four-and-a-half more years. And so, you do have to acknowledge, there is a high likelihood that a Joe Biden victory ultimately means Kamala Harris will be president. So, people need to make the decision, do you feel comfortable? Do you feel good about that?”



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The Democrats have a deep bench of talent

Published June 29, 2024

In november 2022 The Economist said that, after a lifetime of public service, Joe Biden should not seek re-election as president. In January this year we put our concerns on the cover. But even those worried about his age were not prepared for Thursday’s debate against Donald Trump. Over 90 agonising minutes, Mr Biden was befuddled and incoherent—too infirm, frankly, to cope with another four years in the world’s hardest job.

Mr Biden says he is standing again to help ordinary Americans and to save democracy from Mr Trump’s vengeful demagoguery. And the former president’s scowling, evasive and truth-defying appearance on the debate stage did nothing to diminish the urgency of those two aims. Yet if Mr Biden really cares about his mission, then his last and greatest public service should be to stand aside for another Democratic nominee.

There are a lot of arguments for resisting such a drastic step, but the main one is that the election is barely four months away. That may be enough time for Mr Biden to recover in the polls. But with the Democratic convention in August, it would be too brief for the party to find another candidate who could campaign and win. Replacing him could divide Democrats at a time when they need to stay united. Those assertions may have been convincing once. Not any more.

Mr Biden’s chances of winning in November have taken a savage knock. His team sought to debate Mr Trump because their man was trailing. Our forecast model has consistently given him a chance of victory of roughly one in three—worrying, but not hopeless. His staff had been limiting his exposure to interviews, even as they insisted that in private he remains sharp, vigorous and in total control.



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President Joe Biden speaks at the grand opening ceremony for the Stonewall National Monument Visitor Center, Friday, June 28, 2024, in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
Published June 29, 2024

Axios is out with a new report Saturday amid the continued fallout from Thursday’s debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and what it means for Biden staying in the race.

Who will ultimately decide what Biden decides to do?

“Forget the pundits. Ignore New York Times editorials and columnists. Tune out people popping off on X,” writes Axios’ Mike Allen and Jim VandHei.

It’s the inner circle. The so-called Biden oligarchy.

Per the report, it’s “Dr. Jill Biden; his younger sister, Valerie Biden; and 85-year-old Ted Kaufman, the president’s longtime friend and constant adviser — plus a small band of White House advisers — are the only Biden deciders” who Biden will lean on in deciding whether to step aside or try and bounce back from the debate.

It’s how Biden and his family have operated for decades, per Axios.

And what’s guiding their thinking right now? Two things:

  • If Biden stays in the race it’s because they agree he is the one who is best positioned to defeat Trump for a second time.
  • Unease over Vice President Kamala Harris’ chances to “pull moderate and swing voters” if she is the nominee and “and would enhance Trump’s chances,” according to Axios. And that worries them since they “see little chance of anyone besides Harris winning the nomination if he stepped aside.”

Biden was halting and seemed to lose his train of thought Thursday night, sparking quick concerns among Democrats about the man they hope will keep former Trump from returning to office. For his part, Trump made repeated false claims and provocative statements. But Trump seemed smoother and more vigorous than Biden, who is only three years older than the Republican ex-president.




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