Video: Scientists EXPOSE Terrifying Climate Tipping-Point

Image: Swiss Reject Climate Change With Zoomers And Millennials Leading The Way

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Everybody would reject the climate scam if they were presented the facts, the truth and the empirical, unadjusted real world measurements.

Instead people has to sort through FAKE information, lies, propaganda and PAL reviewed nonsense from activists that can’t even tell the difference between the environment and the climate.

In the video below: “Scientists EXPOSE Terrifying Climate Tipping-Point” we get a fresh example of the dishonesty these “scientists” are perpetrating. For example, nowhere on earth’s surface does sunlight get reflected directly back into space, snow or not. The reason is that the atmosphere is too dense and, light that has been reflected has a longer wavelength and is easily trapped by the atmosphere. For the energy budget of the earth it doesn’t really matter if it is trapped by the oceans or the air.

But here’s the main point: “Arctic Sea Ice Unchanged From 60 Years Ago” – Like there’s no human influence at all, like CO2 isn’t magical, like, as if they are lying about the “tipping point”!

R. J. L.

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There’s no “Greenhouse Effect” (in the real world) – that would logically mean there’s no “Greenhouse gases” either (still, in the real world). So how is Canada to reduce something that doesn’t exist in the first place?

Of course I am only kidding, everything “Green” is just excuses to implement new laws and new taxes. Real reduction of CO2 would mean to start killing people by the millions:

Why Net-Zero Is A Suicide Mission For Canada

Would a real climate crisis need to be supported by lies?

New Clues Suggest Humans Reached Mexico Around 30,000 BC


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