We all wish President Trump and his wife a speedy recovery!

Image: Chinese Media: Trump Has ‘Paid the Price for His Gamble to Play Down’ Coronavirus

Irony alert!: Chuck Schumer Scolds Trump Administration for ‘Cavalier Attitude’ Toward Coronavirus: ‘Following Science Is a Must’ (This from a man that thinks plant food – on earth – controls the sun, and from a party that claims there’s dozens of sexes .. ‘Following Science Is a Must’ ???)

Donald Trump Transferring to Walter Reed Hospital ‘Out of an Abundance of Caution’

‘Fatigued but in good spirits’: President Donald Trump moving to military hospital

Video: Sky News Australia


White House Lockdown: What Trump COVID-19 Quarantine Means for Election, America

Video: Bill Whittle


Donald Trump Releases Video As He Fights Coronavirus: ‘I Think I’m Doing Very Well’


Full story at Breitbart ..

Study: Vitamin D Deficiency Link To COVID-19 Patient Fatality

British Study Confirms Low Vitamin D Link In Covid19 Deaths

Fixing Vitamin D Deficiency Can Save Many Thousands Of Lives

According to Breitbart, President Trump is also getting Vitamin D – This will, hopefully, go over both fast and smoothly.

Six Treatments For COVID19 You May Not Know About


President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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