“We Do Not Consent!”: San Diego Resident Goes Viral After Sharp Tongued Speech At Board Of Supervisors Meeting

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Democrats, who only pretend to care about others than themselves are desperate to get everybody jabbed, while most normal people like to be able to choose.

Also, Democrats doesn’t do anything if there isn’t kick-backs in the form of money involved.

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By Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge

The County Board of Supervisors in San Diego may not have known what they were getting into this week when resident Brittany Mayer showed up.

The meeting was littered with residents who were at their wits end with continued Covid measures, but likely no one more frustrated than Mayer, who was happy to share her thoughts with the board. .

When given the chance to speak, Mayer took to the meeting room’s podium and unleashed a 2 minute tirade that was so sharp-tongued and thought out, the video is going viral.

“America is not a hospital,” she starts off by telling the board. “This is a constitutional republic that guarantees protection of individual liberty, freedom and due process.”

Video: Quoth the Raven @QTRResearch

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