What Does It Say About Climate Fraud?

Image: Polar Fronts Begin Sweeping the Southern Hemisphere, as Antarctica Plunges to -81.7C (-115F)

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Video: Tony Heller
It is unfortunate that Boston Globe writers don’t seem to read their own newspaper. They might learn something if they did.

Lomborg still believe human produced CO2 controls the sun. No, he doesn’t say that directly, but the sun does in fact control the climate and if you think more CO2 will cause more heat, more floods, higher sea level etc. you are de facto claiming CO2 (from humans) controls the sun:

Lomborg: Climate change panic causes public distrust, bad decisions

Greens Promote A Blackout Agenda

China Delivers Crushing Blow To Wind And Solar Power

Models In Turmoil: Underestimation Of Satellite-Based Cloud-Aerosol Interaction “Hampering Climate Change Projections”

Climate scientists have been underestimating the role of aerosol-cloud interactions, a new study suggests, thus again throwing climate models into disarray… accurate future climate projections unlikely.

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Fossil fuel use has given the UK the cleanest air in centuries. Now the “Green” communists wants to abandon fossil fuels at the same time as they are focusing on giving the children clean air, you can’t make this shit up!!:

Rejoice- It’s Clean Air Day!



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