What is corruption?: The Symptoms Of Global Cooling

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Video: Tony Heller

The symptoms of global cooling and expanding Arctic ice in the 1970s, were identical to what climate scientists now blame on global warming.


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Biden’s actions are encouraging supply chain dependencies from foreign sources

Shock News–China 5-Year Plan Will Increase Emissions

China’s plan to increase emission of the life giving gas, CO2 is extremely positive in and on itself. Securing energy for an expanding economy is a very good thing, but it shouldn’t be because of companies and production from the west is forced to relocate to, among other countries, China.

Energy is one of the most important factors in almost all production, the more energy intensive the production is the more vulnerable it is to be drawn to a lower priced energy market, steel production is one example as such, and the higher the difference in energy prices become, even more production is at risk of being outsourced.

Energy prices (oil, gas, coal and hydroelectricity) are only high because of “green” taxation, a taxation that has nothing to do with the climate, a taxation that would have been impossible without corruption.

R. J. L.

.. and lastly, the old criminal and senile airhead installed in the WH wouldn’t have been there either if it wasn’t for the same leftist corruption that has been corrupting most everything else and especially climate science over last few decades. Beijing Joe didn’t win the election, President Trump did!!



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