“What We Suspect To Be Global Warming”

Image: School Cancelled In Yakutia, Russia As Temperatures Plunge To -50C (-58F), Rare Late-Snows Hit Argentina, + Parts Of Antarctica Are Holding Unusually Cold

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The climate scam doesn’t end because special interest groups, media and politicians are paid to keep it going, – as long as YOU PAY!!

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Video: Tony Heller
Fifteen years of endless summer at the New York Times

This Date In 1963

Video: Tony Heller
There was a worldwide drought during 1963 and it was the warmest autumn on record in the US. But that is not the only bit of history which has been rewritten

In a world where EVERYTHING stayed the same, where there was no convection, this might be correct:

But because we have no way of testing it, who knows. But one things for sure though, because of convection the whole discussion about CO² is just silly, but it serve as an excuse to increase tax revenue

The West’s Ghastly Ongoing Self-Flagellation Over The Climate

Last week in this space, as the Glasgow climate change conference (COP26) was wrapping up, I pointed out once again what a colossal scam most of the climate fear campaign is.

A 1°C increase in very approximately estimated world temperature in 120 years does not remotely justify the widespread hysteria on this subject in Western Europe and North America.

Countless predictions of imminent climate disaster over the last 50 years have proved to be utter piffle. Yet the frenzy does not abate.

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