When Democrats Attack, Trump Gets Attackier – EP409 | Shocking Revelations from the Nunes Memo

Image: Andrew McCarthy: Cohen hearing is one long Democratic attack on Trump

Scott Ott:  ” .. The evidence is in the craziness of the accuser ..”

Politico notes that President Donald Trump’s strategy when Democrats attack via numerous document demands and investigations, Trump gets attackier — refusing to turn over docs, and counter attacking with a vengeance. But doesn’t that just make him look guilty? Video: Bill Whittle


EP409 | Shocking Revelations from the Nunes Memo

The stunning Nunes memo, Jim Comey is the new Deep-Throat, the DOJ-FBI disinformation campaign, and Obama’s ultimate complicity. Video: LevinTV


Tom Fitton: EVERYONE in Washington DC Knows There is No Trump/Russia Collusion

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton breaks down the various “improper targeting” of President Trump, pre and post election, and explores some of Judicial Watch’s recent work and the recent shift in the narrative around “Russia collusion.” Video: Judicial Watch





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