When we look at who the people that are coming are, we do not need to wonder why the places they are coming from are such shitholes, the question should be, why are they not shitholes

Image: London’s Police Commissioner says ISLAMIC GROOMING GANGS have “been part of our society for centuries”

WELFARE JIHAD: Germany: 88.5% of Muslim refugee women don’t work and live off the German taxpayer

Refugee women in Germany barely work and integration is therefore very hard, a new research of the Institute of the World Economy (IfW) shows.

The labour market is considered the most important place to integrate and a large majority of refugees stay unemployed. Almost half of the male refugees go to work, but for women this figure is much lower at 11.5 percent.

Refugee women who were employed in their home countries often held informal jobs, such as household jobs, which could be done alongside caring for their own children. However, such work experience is hardly usable in Germany’s labour market.

The women are also poorly qualified, the IfW research indicates that they take fewer German classes, which reduces their job opportunities. In addition, Muslim refugees as a group focus on traditional roles and are not ‘work-oriented’.

The study shows the problems of family reunification: When women come to join their men in Germany they have very little perspective to find work and as a result live segregated.

Ref.: https://www.jewsnews.co.il/2018/03/14/welfare-jihad-germany-88-5-of-muslim-refugee-women-dont-work-and-live-off-the-german-taxpayer.html

Muslim migrant with hotel room overlooking Women’s March caught with ‘tricked out’ assault rifle

If Ahmed Alaklouk had committed a jihad massacre at the Women’s March, would “feminist” leaders wake up to the jihad threat that they have up to now ignored and denied? Would they reconsider the leadership role they have given to the pro-sharia Jew-hater Linda Sarsour? Of course not. They would just say that poor Alaklouk was reacting to “islamophobia,” and call for more appeasement and accommodation of Hamas-tied groups such as CAIR. The Women’s Marchers are already so committed to their denial of reality that no amount of reality will ever break through their illusions and delusions.

“Man with hotel room overlooking Women’s March caught with ‘tricked out’ assault rifle, Indiana cops say,” by Jared Gilmour, Miami Herald, March 12, 2018 (thanks to Blade Runner):

His black Chevrolet Avalanche was parked at an Indianapolis hotel in January on the day of the city’s Women’s March — and the vehicle was loaded with weapons, Indianapolis police said.

There was an AR-15-style rifle stowed between the front passenger seat and the middle console of the pickup, as well as six handguns scattered in the back, according to a criminal complaint. Concerned employees at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Indianapolis had called police to investigate at 3 a.m. on Jan. 20 after they noticed the firearms in the vehicle.

When police spoke to the man the car was registered to — Ahmed Alaklouk, 22 — he admitted the car was his, and said the rifle belonged to his father. Noticing the weapon had been equipped with a scope, bipod and bump stock, police said they asked Alaklouk if it was in fact a bump stock. He responded yes, saying “it’s fully tricked out,” according to the criminal complaint.

Bump stocks are used to accelerate the firing rate of rifles. Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock used a bump stock during the October 2017 shooting he carried out at a music festival, killing 58 and injuring hundreds more with a rapid-fire spray of bullets from his hotel room overlooking the concert.

Alaklouk — a Saudi citizen and native of Tunisia — had no gun permit, an expired Indiana driver’s license and had been living in Indiana illegally on a terminated student visa since September 2017, according to the criminal complaint. He’s now facing federal charges for possessing a gun while living in the country illegally. If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in federal prison.

The room he was staying at Jan. 20 overlooked the site of Indianapolis’ 2018 Women’s March, which drew about 3,500 women, the Indianapolis Star reports. But Alaklouk wasn’t arrested until about a week later, during a second gun-related incident, police said.

During their first encounter with Alaklouk at 3 a.m. on Jan. 20, police told him “not to leave firearms in the open due to the amount of vehicle break ins that occur in the downtown Indianapolis area,” the complaint said. Police told Alaklouk either to put the weapons in his hotel safe or keep them out of sight in the car.

At 7:45 a.m., though, hotel security checked to see if the weapons had been moved, and saw the rifle in the same place between the middle console and the passenger’s seat. Realizing his room overlooked the march, the hotel asked police to remove Alaklouk. Indianapolis police had Alaklouk and two unidentified men leave the room, according to the criminal complaint, and then authorities monitored Alaklouk that day as he went to the tire shop he owns in he city.

A week later, though, Alaklouk was in trouble again, police said.

This time a woman arrived at the shop with her father on Jan. 27 complaining of a shoddy tire. A disagreement over the tire escalated into violence — with Alaklouk grabbing the father by the neck and forcing him to the ground, according to the complaint. Then Alaklouk and one of his employees pulled out guns and pointed them at the father, investigators said.

Ref.: https://www.jewsnews.co.il/2018/03/14/muslim-migrant-with-hotel-room-overlooking-womens-march-caught-with-tricked-out-assault-rifle.html


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