Which Will Die First – Corona Virus Fever Or Climate Change?

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By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser – Principia Scientific International 

The news is dire and, in some ways getting worse. There are more reported “cases” of corona virus infections every day and, as of late, more “climate change” alarmism, sometimes in the same breath.

Government entities around the world have prescribed draconian measures to curtail individual freedoms of all kinds, like assembly and movement, like voicing opinions and more.  All of that solely in the name of fighting the COVID-19 (CV-19) virus.

Universities are closed, many for the entire term. Most schools are closed as well. Not to mention concert halls, theaters, and other public events where the 2m (or 6 ft.) “social” or “physical” distance requirement cannot be met.

These rules are ruining the livelihood of many people and the advancement in knowledge and understanding of the younger generation. This will have long-term detrimental repercussions not just for themselves but for the entire society.

In the agricultural sector, many farms that have relied on the help of experienced seasonal workers to prune fruit trees and plant seedlings are not allowed or are unable to travel to their former destinations. Even local helpers, that used to travel in a crew-cab pickup truck for a few miles cannot do so without breaking the law.

In addition, recent severe frosts over much of eastern Europe have decimated or annihilated this year’s expected harvest of tree fruits.

And, even at the nation state level, “to hell” with your best friend’s purchase order – even if paid in advance. The new marching orders are claimed to be:

We are in this all together — Really?

To any independent observer, it looks more like “everyone for him-/herself, or as best as one can!

Good riddance to the thought of a “global family” of well-minded folks. When push comes to shove, as currently in vogue, there’s “no holds barred.”

One of the first victims of the new view is, widely observable in my mind, any truthful reporting by the main-stream media (MSM) on whatever. This problem starts already with the terminology used for certain events, for example the term “case(s).”

The “Cases”

In common parlance, this term “cases” has meanings that range from “barely perceptible” to “near death.” If that term were not yet confusing enough, now comes another wrinkle, i.e. “corona virus deaths.”  The term “cases” is frequently mentioned by the media, together with the latest “death toll,” tabulated by such institutions as (U.S.)  Johns-Hopkins University and the (German) Robert Koch Institute.

What’s missing is a clear definition of the terms “cases and “active cases.” In some MSM reports they appear refer to people found to be infected, in others to all persons tested, in yet others to those with CV-symptoms.

Of course, “cases” of infection with the virus is not the same as “deaths.” In fact, only a fraction of the “confirmed cases of infection” are fatal. This fraction is in most countries less than 3%. Yes, that’s still a high percentage but it also needs to be “normalized” to the remaining “life expectancy” of the people affected – and all other (potentially true) causes of death.

News from Iceland

New data, for example from Iceland show that the “corona-pandemic” is rapidly being viewed by specialists and non-specialists alike as just another “flu.” In contrast to most other surveys, Iceland tested, on a random basis, approximately 3.5% of its entire population and found that only half of those who tested positive showed any symptoms. If that ratio is similar in other countries, it would also mean that the actual death rates from the CV virus are only half of those arrived at from “confirmed cases.”

The deaths mentioned in the MSM rarely mention any other health-impairments. What’s more important though is putting those numbers into perspective, or into relationship to deaths from all causes.

Deaths from all Causes

With the death rates in many western societies being around 1(+/- 0.2)% of the entire populations per annum, one can easily do the math. For example, in the U.S., (all numbers rounded) with roughly 340 million residents, that’s 3.4 million per annum, or in the order 300,000 per month. In Canada, with its population roughly 1/10 of the U.S., it is 30.000 deaths per month from all causes.

In fact, most of the “CV-19” deaths in Italy have now been ascribed to pneumonia as the main cause.

In Europe, with a total population of ~500 million, the number of deaths from all causes calculates to over 400,000 per month.

Deaths from COVID-19

Now, compare that to rates of death from the COVID-19 virus (and or other corona-type virus’ effects): So far, in Canada, there are 503 deaths attributed to that. That compares with 50,000+ deaths from all causes over a period of two months alone.

When one looks at those numbers on a whole population basis, they barely differ between the larger entities, even for Europe, including COVID-19 ravaged areas in northern Italy, Spain, and France, the number of deaths, ascribed to the virus, now account to roughly 2% of the entire population.

However, even this number does not mean that every death reported as such was actually due to the COVID-19 virus, far from it.

Deaths from – as opposed to — with infection

Deaths from, in contrast those with, infections are not the same. In fact, a large number of people whose death is ascribed to the CV-19 bug have already had another health issue, many even more than one. In many situations, that makes it difficult to ascertain the true or even the preponderance of causes. However, it appears to be common practice to ascribe any death to the most recent observation.

In “normal” times, any mis-associations would probably balance out to near the actual and true causes. Not so right now. There appears to be a “real benefit” to such “from CV-19” death allocations.

In this context, it may also be of interest to read the recent post by M. Vadum at PSI, entitled The CDC Confesses To Lying About COVID-19 Death Numbers.

The CV-19 “Benefit”

A recent report cites highly concerning (financial) incentives to provide unsubstantiated claims. As reported by Jim Hoft on PSI (https://principia-scientific.org/hospitals-paid-extra-to-list-patients-as-covid19-3x-as-much-if-the-patient-on-ventilator/ ), “Dr. Jensen also disclosed that hospitals are paid more if they list patients with a COVID-19 diagnosis. And hospitals get paid THREE TIMES AS MUCH if the patient then goes on a ventilator.”

If that isn’t an incentive to hyper(?)-ventilate, I don’t know what is. Clearly, factual reporting of the actual cause is more than likely amiss.

And now, supposed connections of the CV-19 virus with “climate change” are also being proposed. If there is any credence to that at all, it can only be that the massive misappropriations of some western countries in order to “save the climate” are the cause rather than a solution to deaths from viral diseases.

The (sad) Upshot

Between the massive waste of funds for “climate change” and “decarbonisation” plans of many western societies, all based on the faulty belief of carbon dioxide being a driver of the “climate,” those funds would have better gone to beneficial social support rather than to economy destroying programs.

The people who suffer most from such COVID-inspired rules are not the elderly (who, admittedly, suffer the most deaths) but the young generations that are already severely short-shrifted in terms of their ability to raise families in the hope for a better life in future.

That observation leaves me with one crucial question:

Cui bono — who benefits from this “globalist” scheme?

Ref.: https://principia-scientific.org/which-will-die-first-corona-virus-fever-or-climate-change/

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