Who benefits in US-China conflict over Taiwan?

This is an excerpt from an interview of global affairs expert Benjamin Lim, who headed the Reuters Beijing and Taipei bureau before joining The Strait Times.

Consequences of Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, planned or not?
As they can make China appear terrible and then contain China, the US can use this as a chance to sell more weapons to Taiwan. Beijing sees the visit as having energized the Chinese people while also drawing attention away from China’s problems, such as the country’s slowing economy and stringent Covid regulations The drills might also be regularized in China; this has become the new norm. Regarding Taiwan, they recently ended their diplomatic exile. It’s a small triumph, but it will ultimately be a pyrrhic one because they believe they have increased US commitment to defending Taiwan and gained the goodwill of western democracies and Japan.
The tensions, if they can be controlled, are not necessarily terrible news for the main players, but they are bad news for the Philippines and the rest of Asean.

What is the main agenda, if not war?
All of these tensions are advantageous to the armaments industry. Even for Japan and South Korea, it’s not beneficial for the nations in this region. Conflict, however, is excellent news for the Hawks in the US, China, Taiwan, and the area since it justifies their existence and gives them more money to purchase more weapons.
There won’t be a full-scale war, but if there is an accident or a mistake, there will be confrontation, and China will be able to force Taiwan to participate in peace talks — but then it’ll be on the verge of war. According to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, China wants to win the war without using any weapons.

What Would Japan Do If China Takes Taiwan, Lands Tanks and Marines on Okinawa?

Country must beef up decision-making and cooperation with allies, private sector

Joe Biden, left, Fumio Kishida, Tsai Ing-wen and Xi Jinping: As China-Taiwan tensions intensify, experts worry about Japan’s readiness to deal with an emergency in the Taiwan Strait. (Nikkei montage/Xinhua/AP/Getty Images/Reuters)
What Would Japan Do if China seized Taiwan and stationed tanks and marines on Okinawa?
Situations that were “so recent as to be frightening” and well within the realm of possibility were employed in the war games simulation in Tokyo.
China broadcasts the firing of ballistic missiles into “training” zones surrounding Taiwan and inside Japan’s southwestern EEZ. Published 1 week ago on August 14, 2022By Jason Morgan, Reitaku University. April 4, 2022. Photo taken on Weibo.
In his presentation to his cabinet, the prime minister of Japan used words that had not been used in nearly 80 years: “We are at war.”

Taiwan touts ‘democracy chips’ in meeting with US state governor

President Tsai Ing-wen told the governor of the U.S. state of Indiana on Monday that Taiwan wants to make sure its allies have stable access to semiconductors, or “democracy chips,” because of China’s threats.
Governor Eric Holcomb is traveling to Taiwan for the third time this month with a U.S. group. During her brief visit, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi enraged China, which sees Taiwan as its own territory.
Five American politicians, led by Senator Ed Markey, visited Taiwan a week following Pelosi’s visit.
Soon after Pelosi’s visit, China conducted significant military drills close to Taiwan. Beijing’s claims of sovereignty are rejected by Taiwan, which maintains that only the island’s residents have the authority to make such decisions.


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