Why ‘Clash of Clans’ is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a fake 40-year history

Supercell adds 30 years to the popular mobile game’s past to have some fun with fans of pop-culture nostalgia.
Do you remember Clash-mania? Those days back in the 1980s when the video game Clash of Clans became the biggest pop-cultural phenomenon the world had ever seen, and its main character, the Barbarian, was gracing magazine covers, cereal boxes, and made into an action figure? A new short documentary tells the fascinating story of the game’s 40-year history, the dramatic rise, the crushing fall, and it’s subsequent rebirth.
Except, y’know, the whole thing is fake.
Today marks the actual, for real, 10th anniversary of mobile gaming juggernaut Clash of Clans, but its parent company, Supercell, thought it would be fun to imagine a world where Clash came of age in the time of Pac-Man and Mario. Created with ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, Clash from The Past traces the game’s (fictional) origin from three teens in a Finnish basement to cultural blockbuster. It’s a fun and elaborate gag that manages to reflect how gaming pop culture has evolved over the past few decades.

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Supercell’s brand creative lead Michael Gurman says the company talks a lot internally about trying to do things that only they would do.
“I think a lot of video game companies would celebrate their history, be proud of it, and use it as an occasion for chest-thumping a bit about their actual accomplishments,” says Gurman. “We have a history of being a bit mischievous, never taking ourselves too seriously, so we loved how this would take the 10-year anniversary and not talk about our actual history at all. We thought it would be really fun to give our fans 30 extra years of history that didn’t exist.”

Source: https://www.fastcompany.com/90774857/why-clash-of-clans-is-celebrating-10th-anniversary-with-a-fake-40-year-history

By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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