Why Hasn’t The California Heat Wave Sparked The Usual Global Warming Hysteria?

Image: Heat waves to become more frequent and severe, research says

Environmentalism: This week, the southwest was hit with an earth-scorching heat wave, with temperatures well above 100 in some areas. Normally that would cause every news organization to trot out “global warming is killing us” stories. But not this time. Maybe they’ve caught on to the fact that the public has tuned out.

It wasn’t long ago when the mainstream press took every opportunity, no matter how weak the connection, to blame bad things on global warming. So far, at least, we haven’t found one major story using the heat wave gripping the southwest to sound the alarm about global warming.

This lack of alarmism has not gone unnoticed.

Writing at the New Republic this week, Emily Atkin complained that despite record-breaking heat and a wildfire season that, she says, is already worse than usual, “there’s no climate connection to be found in much news coverage, even in historically climate-conscious outlets like NPR and The New York Times.”

When Atkin contacted NPR for an explanation, the network’s science editor said “You don’t just want to be throwing around, ‘This is due to climate change, that is due to climate change.'”


Also this week, Chris Hayes of the uber-liberal MSNBC responded to a complaint on Twitter that his network wasn’t clanging the global warming alarm bells loudly enough or regularly enough with this tweet:

“every single time we’ve covered it’s been a palpable ratings killer. so the incentives are not great.”

So why this sudden outburst of common sense among the mainstream press?

Perhaps they’ve come to the realization that after decades of end-of-the-world predictions and oversaturation coverage, during which time global temperatures have barely budged, the public has stopped paying attention. You can only predict the end of the world so many times, after all, before people start to get skeptical.

The attempts by scientists and environmental activists to blame everything on global warming has probably increased public skepticism as well. Case in point is a video running on the Weather Channel app about a study that claims to have found a link between suicides and climate change. Even an uninformed public will start to question the validity of all these wild claims.

The public may also have noticed that the most vocal preachers of climate change doom — Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc. — don’t act like there’s any crisis whatsoever. They still own huge energy sucking mansions and party on massive gas guzzling yachts.

They aren’t the only global warming hypocrites. A survey earlier this year by researchers at the University of Michigan and Cornell University found that those who said they were “highly concerned” about global warming were the least likely to take individual action. Skeptics were more likely to do the things the alarmist demand: recycle, use public transportation and so forth.

How big a crisis can climate change be if those who scream the loudest about it can’t be bothered to change their own behavior?

Whatever the cause of the climate ennui, it’s clear that years of proselytizing about the “existential threat” posed by a warmer planet has failed to win many converts.

In fact, a recent Gallup survey asked people to name the most important problems facing the country today. Neither “climate change” nor “global warming” even showed up on the list of more than 45 items. Just 2% named “environment/pollution.”

We’d say the public has it right. But don’t be surprised if the media returns to its climate change obsession, if only to take a break from its Trump obsession.

Ref.: https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/global-warming-california-heat-wave/

Trump-Russia Collusion: The New ‘Climate Change’

fracking protest

Liberal MSNBC talking head Chris Hayes recently committed what political wags call a “Washington gaffe”: He spoke the truth.

He responded to one of his Twitter followers who was complaining that television networks, and Hayes’s own program All In, in particular, did not devote “commensurate energy” to the “disaster” of supposed man-made climate change by constantly braying about it.

Hayes said: “Almost without exception[,] every single time we’ve covered [climate change] it’s been a palpable rating killer. So the incentives are not great.”

Gee, Chris, thanks for that admission. Maybe you and your journalistic colleagues can draw a lesson from the failure of this media-foisted canard and apply it to the other canard you and your fellow travelers have been peddling: that Donald Trump and his campaign somehow “colluded” with the Russian government to throw the 2016 presidential election to Trump’s favor.

In a hysterical television ad from 2012, preserved by the wonderful folks at Media Research Center, Hayes lets us know that “Climate change is the biggest governing challenge we face.” (Apparently, nuclear annihilation from North Korea or Iran, China overtaking the United States economically, Islamist attacks on American soil — these governing challenges all pale in comparison to the 0.3-degree Celsius increase in mean global temperature that dubious climate computer models predict will occur over the 21st century.)

And to save us all from climatic destruction, Hayes was henceforth going to bicycle to work. In Manhattan.  I am not making this up. (I wonder if Hayes is still peddling to the studio every day.)

Climate change as a concern for Americans is now so low as to barely register in public-opinion surveys. In a recent Gallup Poll asking respondents “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?” climate change didn’t even make the list among the 36 concerns cited. “Immigration/illegal aliens” topped the chart at 22 percent.

And yet the left in this country, and particularly the mainstream media, as reflected in Hayes’s surprisingly candid tweet, lament the fact that the American people have ignored the dire warnings of the Global Warmistas to the point of actually changing the channel when the programming directors run a segment on Al Gore’s latest histrionics at another global warming conference — typically held in a city that is hit with an anomalous snowstorm. (Proving once again that God does have a sense of humor.)

It is the same common sense demonstrated by the American people in the Gallup survey that resulted in the election of a man of demonstrated real-world accomplishments over a demonstrably felonious woman with zero accomplishments in the presidential election of 2016.

And the efforts by senior officials in the Obama administration’s law enforcement and intelligence apparatus, the Hillary Clinton campaign and the mainstream media to undermine first Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and now his presidency, based on fabricated allegations of “collusion,” are so obvious in light of everything we have learned as to require one to be either hopelessly obtuse or so blinded by political ideology to not see the frameup that is occurring.

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