Why Russia isn’t about to launch nuclear attack

This photo taken from video provided by the Russian Defense Ministry Press Service on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2022, shows a Yars intercontinental ballistic missile being launched from an air field during military drills. The Russian military on Friday announced massive drills of its strategic nuclear forces. Russian President Vladimir Putin will personally oversee Saturday's exercise, which will involve multiple practice launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, the Defense Ministry said. (Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP)

Russia has denied claims it is behind explosions which have badly damaged underwater Nord Stream gas pipelines running to Germany; the pipelines may be “unusable forever” after major leaks, German media reports; an analyst says we are at least “several steps” away from nuclear conflict.


The Nord Stream gas pipeline, which carries Russian gas from Russia to Europe, was destroyed by what appears to be Russian sabotage. It only occurs a week after Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons and, of course, after almost a million additional soldiers were drafted into the military. As you are aware, this has been going on since February, and Ukraine is still putting up a valiant defense.

As the Russian public begins to realize they are not only losing the war, but also that tens of thousands of their young men are dying in vain, cracks are starting to appear in the country. Protests are also making their way into western media.

In these officially annexed occupied territory in Ukraine, Putin is using real pressure to achieve his goals. What follows is what?

Putin organized it, so he can influence the Europeans. In order to make it convenient for him to turn off the gas during the winter. As of right now, Nord Stream will offer 0% and not even 20%. By holding these referendums, he makes the threat that if he doesn’t invade the provinces he claims, tactical nuclear weapons will be utilized. Everything is done to frighten Europeans. With their tremendous bravery and modern Western armaments, the Ukrainians are triumphing on the battlefield while Putin applies pressure to the Europeans.

He failed to consider the cracks in Russia, as well as the unbelievable lines at the borders with Finland and Georgia.

If he chooses the road of nuclear weapons, the United States will respond in a terrible way, according to Vice President Joe Biden. What actually does that mean?

There have been certain videos that have gone viral over the past 24 hours, which is the issue and something that is a little concerning. As a result of the Nord Stream controversy, he declared that if Russia invaded Ukraine, we would ensure that the Nord Stream pipeline did not exist.

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It doesn’t inspire much confidence to those who subscribe to a realistic point of view about foreign policy and see what we can do to prevent escalation rather than restricting that and continuing escalation as investigations are ongoing and many governments are coming out and claiming they are sabotage as the finger might be pointed to that being an example of what Biden meant.


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