Wind blades and solar panels head for landfills after being replaced

Image: The Elephants in The Room

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Today’s (right now) average, global temperature according to almost 70 000 weather stations are 14,18° C. That is 0,22° C. BELOW the temperature 146 years ago, and it is below the average of 1913, 1991, 2013, 2018, ref.:

31,487 American scientists have also said NO! to the AGW Nonsense!

(No real scientists supports the alarm, not one!)

Information that is ignored by the “Greens”!

Renewable installation does not produce energy, it’s a FAKE front for fossil fuels energy production, mostly gas. It’s too unreliable and are only producing according to plan 7% of the time. When you do the full break down of all underlying processes to produce, transport and install wind and solar plants you end up wasting more fossil fuels, way more than you save when you include the back up always running in the background.

Then there’s all the destruction of nature caused by wind and solar, killing of animals, birds, whales, koalas, bats, insects, even killing of over 11000 children each and every day due to high energy and food prices are totally ignored, documenting the level of evil is also off the charts!

Also information that is ignored by the “Greens”!

There’s no end to solid and factual documentation, empirical data and real world observation and measurements of the fact that (Man Made) Global Warming doesn’t exist, in fact it is impossible according to available data, real science, logic, geological and historical data.

Guess what, that is also ignored by the “Greens”!

Why is all this ignored?

Because, – it never was about weather, facts, science, CO2, not even about the climate. It’s about money and power, nothing else.

You wouldn’t install wind turbines if you didn’t get paid. In fact they are all just installed in order to steal tax payers money through subsidies.

The same politicians who are adopting and implementing all those mandates are the same that are getting paid.

If there were no corruption nobody would adopt or mandate this kind of insanity.

The only thing positive about this, the only thing – It is adding more CO2 into the atmosphere, but at what cost!??

R. J. L.

Video: CBS Mornings
More than 90% of used solar panels get thrown in the trash, and the world’s wind industry is estimated to produce 43 million tons of blade waste each year. But some companies have found recycling solutions. Ben Tracy reports


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Why do CO2 lag behind temperature?

71% of the earth is covered by ocean, water is a 1000 times denser than air and the mass of the oceans are 360 times that of the atmosphere, small temperature changes in the oceans doesn’t only modulate air temperature, but it also affect the CO2 level according to Henry’s Law.

The reason it is called “Law” is because it has been “proven”!

“.. scientific laws describe phenomena that the scientific community has found to be provably true ..”

That means, the graph proves CO2 do not control temperature, that again proves (Man Made) Global Warming, now called “Climate Change” due to lack of … Warming is – again – debunked!