Winter Storm Grim Reality: Frozen Bodies Found Throughout New York

The deadly winter storm in Buffalo, New York has left 27 people dead and that count is expected to rise after several Twitter videos show New Yorkers frozen in the snow.
One video, in particular, was quite sickening and appeared to show young adults mocking a man frozen to death in the snow.
In the video, a young man is next to a frozen body screaming, “This is OG right here.”
Others in the video made lewd remarks.
The video was posted by Twitter user  The Red Bull with the caption, “Apparently the weather is so bad in my hometown of Buffalo, NY today that people are being found frozen to death outside. And making jokes around this man’s body.. prayers to Buffalo”.

That wasn’t the only video of people frozen to death.
Another video captured police officers carrying a dead body out of the snow:


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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