Woe Canada! Justin Trudeau and His Comrades Seek to Abolish Internet Freedom for All Canadian Citizens

  • Move would prioritize Canadian content, echoing broadcast law
  • But critics say it threatens free speech on user-driven sites
Trudeau has launched a fierce assault against Canadians’ most prized liberties since taking office as prime minister in 2015, to the point where the country is hardly recognisable. Now he will shortly deal the death knell with a piece of legislation that his ruling Liberal Party and late family friend Fidel Castro would have adored.
The Online Streaming Act (Bill C-11) would compel significant foreign technology firms doing business in Canada to support domestic Canadian content. In essence, viewers would be compelled to see Big Brother-sponsored web content regardless of their own preferences. For example, far-left Canadian Broadcasting Company content might also be required to be viewed by conservatives who wish to watch a Fox News video on YouTube (CBC).
C-11 passed the Canadian House of Commons in June and just passed a second reading in the Senate. The legislation’s final passage may only be a few days away.


by: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter
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