World’s most-peaceful nation foils its ‘first terror attack’

Four individuals have been detained on suspicion of targeting “different institutions of society” and “people of the state” as a result of an extraordinary investigation into an alleged terrorist plot in Iceland.

A significant police operation involving 50 officers resulted in the seizure of numerous semi-automatic weapons, including some that were 3D printed, as well as “thousands” of rounds of ammunition at nine different locations.

The national commissioner of the Icelandic police, Karl Steinar Valsson, declined to go into more detail about the types of targets but speculated that they might have included the legislature and police.

According to local media, police were the main target of the investigation into possible ties to Nordic far-right organizations.

Valsson said: “It is safe to say that our society is safer than it was.”

He added: “We are just starting some work and are seizing a large amount of phones and computers and other such things. All that work is in the very early stages.

“We took certain measures while we were getting the situation under control. Of course, we don’t want to reveal what the exact response of the police is.

“At its peak, there were about 50 police personnel who took part in the police operation. With them, we think we’ve covered what we’re investigating and don’t think there’s any danger in travelling.”

According to Valsson, they were in touch with international authorities and were investigating into any connections between the guys and extremist organizations.

At a press conference, he stated, “As far as we know, this is the first time that an investigation of this nature has been undertaken [in Iceland].” The inquiry into the planning of a terrorist act is where the police operations from yesterday got their start.

Further arrests could not be ruled out, Valsson said, adding that the probe was still ongoing.

The four young adults from Iceland were detained as part of a special forces operation in the towns of Mosfellsbaer in the southwest and Kópavogur, a suburb of Reykjavk.

On Thursday, two males who had been detained were kept in custody.

Ch Insp Grmur Grmsson of the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police urged people to report any instances of seeing guns.

“We encourage people to report it,” he added when asked if there were any reports of such weapons in the neighborhood. These can include semi-automatic firearms, which are very risky weaponry. We urge anyone who knows anything about such a weapon to contact us.

Since its inclusion in the list in 2008, the tiny nation of 375,000 people has led the Global Peace Index and is regarded as one of the world’s most peaceful locations.

Iceland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, indicating that violence is uncommon there, yet an increase in violent crime in recent years has alarmed the authorities.

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The neo-Nazi organization known as Norurvgi, or the Nordic Resistance Movement, has recently been on the police’s radar in Iceland.

The organization has established itself in Iceland, and among other places, has distributed brochures on the campus of the University of Iceland. It also maintains an active website.

The pan-Nordic organization was mentioned as a threat in the Office of the Commissioner of the National Police’s most recent report on the threat of terrorism in Iceland, which was issued last year.

The Nordic Resistance Movement clearly belongs to the right-wing extremist organisations that Norwegians and Swedes find to be of concern, the report stated.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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