Wrecking Biodiversity

Image: The offshore wind energy mirage Joe Biden promotes

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Environmentalists are communists, communists do not care about the environment, nature or humans. Latest example in that regard is the CCP (Chinese) rocket uncontrollable crashing into earth, landing in the Indian Ocean.

The only reason the Green (Communist-Red) left is so into everything Green is because the schemes are perfectly designed to enrich themselves and their friends through kickbacks and other forms of financial corruption.

There’s no other reasons!

Green energy doesn’t make sense on any level, the only incentive strong enough to defend this level of corruption is, strangely enough – CORRUPTION!

R. J. L.

Video: Clear Energy Alliance (April 5. 2021)
Earth Day 2021 is April 22nd. Therefore, eco-activist groups will be preaching the gospel of wind & solar power and the importance of biodiversity. What those trying to “save the planet” fail to understand (or more likely ignore) is that these two priorities are in direct conflict. Wind & solar require far more land than nuclear, natural gas and coal power. They are also far more destructive to regions of high biodiversity as well as large birds, bats and endangered species. As we celebrate Earth Day, let’s consider the significant environmental consequences of attempting to provide electricity through low density, unreliable sunshine and breezes.


They even try to buy the electorate, illustrating how much money they feel they have. But all grown ups knows money don’t grow on trees!:

Climate Visionaries Explain why a Green Universal Basic Income is Required

If everybody need subsidies, everybody will be dependent on the government. Just another way the corrupt, green left are trying buy votes, to secure power – through more money, more schemes and more government employees, ref.:

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