Zelenskiy says he is shocked by Israel’s failure to give Ukraine weapons

Zelensky made the remarks in an interview with French reporters on Wednesday. His office released a recording of the interview on Saturday.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, says he is “shocked” by Israel’s refusal to provide Kyiv with anti-missile defense systems to help fend off Russian attacks.

Since the beginning of the battle in February, the president has been requesting the armaments. Zelenskyy referred to Israel’s Iron Dome system, which is frequently used to block rockets fired from Gaza by Palestinian insurgents.

“I don’t know what happened to Israel. I’m honestly, frankly – I am in shock because I don’t understand why they couldn’t give us air defences,” he said.

Zelenskyy’s remarks were more pointed than those he made in March, when he criticized Israel for not sending more weapons. Israel said it would assist Ukraine as much as it could at the time but made no commitments.

The most recent comments were made by Zelenskyy in a conversation with French reporters on Wednesday, and his office made the audio file available on Saturday.

‘Stating the facts’

Israel, which has denounced the Russian invasion, is apprehensive of jeopardizing its relationship with Moscow, a major player in the neighboring Syrian conflict where Israeli forces routinely kill rebels they claim to be pro-Iranian.

In a similar vein, Israel’s government did not support international sanctions on Russia while sending humanitarian help to Ukraine and showing solidarity for its citizens.

In the past, Russia has charged Israel with aiding “neo-Nazis” in Ukraine.

Russia in the past accused Israel of supporting “neo-Nazis” in Ukraine.

“I understand – they have a difficult situation, regarding the situation with Syria and Russia,” Zelenskyy said, adding he was not making accusations.

“I am stating the facts. My conversations with the Israeli leadership have done nothing to help Ukraine.”

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid claimed that during a phone contact with Zelenskyy on September 1, he and his counterpart “discussed the combat situation in Ukraine” and that he “offered his sorrow for the dead and injured in the battle.”

According to Lapid, “a diplomatic solution to cease the fighting” in Ukraine has been demanded.


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