Zelensky Worried About Global Warming

Image: World’s top CO2 emitters are snubbing U.N. climate summit

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If you’re a scientist, but don’t understand that the atmosphere under the cloud cover is too dense for Infrared radiation to have any effect .. It is not warming and it is not cooling and it is not delaying energy transportation. That means it doesn’t matter how much CO2 there is or how it is mixed, all measurable energy (heat) transport is done by convection and advection (overturning of airmass i.e. wind).

In other words, there’s no “Greenhouse Effect” or “Greenhouse Gases.”

We have actually known that since 1909, documented by Professor H. W. Woods and his experiments. So how can 59% of scientists expect significant harm? 

Perhaps we can use that as documentation of the fact that they don’t do, or understand climate science?

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
The people of Kiev are in danger of freezing to death this winter, and Zelensky is worried about global warming


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