Election Rigging

.. and Voter Fraud

09.22.2020: Judge Allows Extra Week for Counting Wisconsin Absentee Ballots

09.19.2020: Last Honest Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and GOP Rep. Rodney Davis Introduce Election Fraud Prevention Act to Ban Ballot Harvesting

09.18.2020: Michigan Judge Extends Deadline 2 Weeks for Mail-In Ballots Postmarked by November 2

09.17.2020: Twitter ‘Fact Checks’ Another Trump Tweet About Mass-Mail Voter Fraud

09.17.2020: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Sides with Democrats: Mail-In Ballot Deadline Extended 3 Days After Election

09.17.2020: Donald Trump: States Sending Unsolicited Ballots Should ‘Give It Up NOW’

09.16.2020: Election Meddlers Find A Scapegoat

09.16.2020: Democrat Michigan Secretary of State Misprints Trump Ticket on Ballots for Troops

09.16.2020: WATCH: Former Trump speechwriter explains that Democrat efforts to oust Trump are more than just a coup…


09.16.2020: Over 1,600 Uncounted New Jersey Ballots Discovered in a ‘Mislabeled’ Bin from July Primary

09.14.2020: Luongo Explains Pelosi’s Choice: Steal The Election Or Be Destroyed

09.13.2020: How To Steal An Election, Part 2: The Right’s Response

09.12.2020: Mail-Vote Madness in Pennsylvania

09.12.2020: BREAKING: Twitter Censors President Trump’s Tweet on North Carolina Voting, BLATANT ELECTION MEDDLING

09.12.2020: Wisconsin Voters Alliance Files Complaint Against Zuckerberg-Funded Group for Election Meddling

09.12.2020: Google Will Block Some Search Suggestions to Fight ‘Election Misinformation’

09.09.2020: Mark Zuckerberg: ‘Nothing Illegitimate’ About Election Taking ‘Additional Days, or Even Weeks’

09.09.2020: Bokhari: Big Tech Ensures Pro-Trump Messages Don’t Reach Undecided Voters

09.09.2020: Georgia Secretary Of State Announces Investigation Into 1,000 Voters Who Allegedly Knowingly Voted Twice

09.08.2020: There Goes Your Vote? Surveillance Video Captures ‘Huge Pile’ of USPS Mail Being Dumped in Parking Lot

09.07.2020: Legal group finds thousands of double voters in battleground states

09.04.2020: Voter Fraud Is A Real Threat In 2020 – Here’s What You Can Do About It!

09.04.2020: The Democratic Party Has Become Highly Organized Crime

09.03.2020: Facebook Will Ban Campaigns from Uploading Ads in Last Week of Election to Avoid ‘Civil Unrest’

09.03.2020: Bill Clinton: Trump Will Be ‘Stacking Sandbags’ to Stay in the White House After Losing to Biden




09.03.2020: Nolte: Washington Post Says Election Will End in Violence Unless Biden Wins Landslide


09.02.2020: Red Mirage: When Trump Election Day Landslide Flips to Biden Victory from Votes by Mail

Video: Bill Whittle


09.02.2020: WARNING: Democrat Data Firm Admits ‘Incredible’ Trump Landslide Will Be Flipped By Mail-In Votes Emerging A Week After Election Day

09.01.2020: Google Refuses to Show Negative Search Suggestions About Black Lives Matter

08.31.2020: Pelosi Loses, President Trump Wins in Mail-in Ballot Court Fight

08.30.2020: Judge Sides With Trump Campaign, Voids 50,000 Absentee Ballot Requests In Iowa County

08.30.2020: Pinkerton: The Real Battle of 2020: Who Votes, and Who Counts


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