Racism belong on the political left, historically by Nazis in Hitler’s Germany, for 1400 years of islam, and today also by the evil and ignorant radical Democrats, but most of them has always been racists (slavery, segregation, KKK etc.)

Eugenics: How The Unthinkable Became Thinkable

August 3, 2021:

We don’t have a Racism Problem; We have a Leftism Problem

July 5, 2021:

Dinesh D’Souza PROVES the Democrat Party is Racist TODAY

June 30, 2021:

Because racism is a well known hallmark of the left, both historically and today:

Every ‘racist’ Confederate statue the House voted to remove from Congress is of a Democrat

June 25, 2021:

Researchers find ‘tree inequity’ for people of color, poor neighborhoods

June 23, 2021:

Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About the KAREN Movie

June 7, 2021:

Psychiatrist facing backlash for saying she ‘fantasizes about killing white people’

Video: Fox News


May 29, 2021:

Brandeis Dean Declares “Yes, All White People Are Racists”

May 27, 2021:

Biden and the Dems’ Situational Racsim

OREGON: Investigative journalist Ami Horowitz finds Portland State University students happy to support and donate money to Hamas to “destroy Israel and kill Jews”

ASSAULT WITH DEADLY WEAPON: Muslim suspect arrested in anti-Semitic hate attack in Los Angeles

PolitiFact ‘hacks’ buried in bipartisan backlash for attempt to discredit ‘conservative’ opponents of critical race theory

May 26, 2021:

Global heating: Study shows impact of ‘climate racism’ in US–BBC

Biden’s racist ‘Rescue Plan’