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The many similarities of the climate fraud and this cancer cure cover up …

The Cancer Cure Cover-Up – Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski

The wrath of fired employees

Remember end of snow?? Never mind!!: California Snowpack Is Highest In 40 Years: Officials

Trump Suggests He May Run On Third-Party Ticket In 2024

Wellness Company Headed by Dr. Peter McCullough Requests to Release Damar Hamlin’s Vaccine Status as Part of Any Investigation into this Tragedy

The World Health Organization Is Set Up To Be A One World Government

2022: The Year Trump Was Vindicated as EU Green Agenda Went Up in Smoke

WEF Declares People Have No Right To Own Their Own Cars: ‘You Can Walk or Share’

You can’t solve a problem that doesn’t exist (in the real world). A #ClimateFRAUD by Black Rock and the CCP!?: The Blackrock Energy Scam

Is Belief In A ‘Climate Crisis’ Rational?

Australia’s democratic backslide

Claims Of W. Hudson Bay Polar Bear Decline Are Unethical, Ignore Caveats

The Second Housing Bubble Of The 21st Century Is Over

Big List of 10 ways FBI, White House pushed Big Tech to censor Americans

Former NFL Player Who Called To Jail Unvaccinated Dies Suddenly

This ignorance of communist apologists – Jordan Peterson

COVID Pandemic Fraud and Need for Justice for All Those Harmed

How The New Cold War Solved Global-Warming

63% Of Americans Want FBI ‘Censorship’ Of Twitter Investigated: Poll

The Faux Urgency of The Climate Crisis Is Giving Us No Time or Space To Build A Secure Energy Future

What to do with the FBI?

Is The Arctic Really Melting Away?

Christmas Grid Chaos And Blackouts Could Bring Light To Transportable Nuke Plants

Today’s Democratic Party is a kaleidoscope of bizarre and destructive cults

Living in an Imaginary World Has Consequences

37 Die in Weekend Freeze – More than All of the Global Warming Deaths This Year Combined

“As a whole, the Antarctic has cooled by about 2 degrees Celsius in the same 40-year period (1979 to 2018) that carbon dioxide rose from 337 to 410 parts per million – meaning that the world is actually getting colder, not hotter ..”

15 Facts Which Prove That A Massive Economic Meltdown Is Already Happening Right Now

Thoughtful Conversation on the Energy Crisis, Climate Change, ESG and Bitcoin with Alex Epstein

Widespread ‘Winter Kill’ Risks In US Wheat Soar Amid Imminent Cold Blast

Humanitarian Crises Are Not Caused By ‘Climate Change’

School Board Offering Counselling After Unexpected Death Of Student At Scott Young Public School

1594 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, 1100 Dead, Since COVID Injection

To End Climate Lunacy, Stop Treating Warmth & C02 As Problems

The Green Energy Revolution Was Never Going to Work!

This is scary

State climate curriculum says ’emotions’ should outweigh ‘rational thinking’

Israelis bringing miraculous cancer-killing tech to market

NATO On Edge As Russia Ramps Up Military Activity In The Arctic

What’s called “science” today, is often just left-wing advocacy

Still No (Man Made) Global Warming, now called “Climate Change” due to lack of .. Warming

REPORT: NOAA doctored sea ice data in 2001 to fake a steeper drop in Arctic sea than actually happened

Two Global Empires Enslaving the World; It’s Now Or Never to Stop Them!

Biden’s Administration is in Disarray, Especially the Corrupted FBI

Around 450,000 Homebuyers Are Now Underwater As ‘Early’ FHA Delinquencies Hit 2009 Levels

Submission To The Senate Inquiry Into Australia’s Transition To A Green Energy Superpower

No, America Does Not Owe The World Climate ‘Reparations’

The Mirage of Electric Vehicles

‘The Mother of All Economic Crises Looms,’ Warns Economist Nouriel Roubini

Green Energy Cabal Blind To Africa’s Medical Horror Show

The Reindeer On Wrangel Island Have Experienced Mass Die-Offs Due To 21st Century Icing Events

“Reasonable” Concessions to Climate Hysteria Lack Reason

The Global Cabal of Elitists Want to Control Your Destiny

Covid: Hiding In Plain Sight Since 2015

Human Society Starting To Resemble Self-Annihilation Tendencies Of Mice

Autopsies Show Covid Vaccination Likely Caused Fatal Heart Inflammation: Study


NPR Pushes Debunked Claim That Climate Change Making Weather Worse

The EPA’s Flawed Particulate Matter Pollution Regulation, the PM2.5 Rule, Must be Repealed

Snow Extent In Northern Hemisphere Now Highest Since 1967

Claim: Clouds Less Climate-Sensitive than Assumed

Europe shows a clear link between immigration and crime

Sorry, NPR, Dead Sea Is Receding Due to Water Diversion, Not Climate Change

Russia’s Moral Turpitude

Museums once saw it as their role to explain the past. Now, they just apologise for or censor it

Vaccinated People Make Up Majority of COVID-19 Deaths: CDC Data

Victor Davis Hanson Details The Things Biden And Dems Are Doing To Destroy The Nation

Four Sailors Assigned to the Same Virginia Naval Center Have Killed Themselves in the Last Month

ENDORSEMENTS ROLL IN: GOP Lawmakers Line Up Behind Trump, ‘Only He Can Stop This Swamp’

The Dangers of a Rogue FBI and its Domestic Terrorism Agenda

Banking On A Shot In The Dark

What would it take to Eliminate the Deep State?

Elon Musk and the Vision of Neuralink

Lomborg: The Muddled Reality Of Electric Cars

The Path To Extinction? Sperm Count Accelerates Its Decline

CDC knew COVID vax causes heart problems but kept mum

The Tories’ Wind Power Delusion–Matt Ridley

Apple now an active collaborator with China’s murderous state

Busting The Big Lie: Vesta’s CEO Admits Wind Power Ain’t Cheap & Never Will Be


Did The COVID Virus Actually Kill Anyone?


Science Shows Why Cows Don’t Cause Global Warming

Marc Morano Explains Climate Alarmists’ Plan To Follow The Covid ‘Emergency’ Lockdown Playbook

Shellenberger: U.N. Can’t Quit The Climate Apocalypse

Died Suddenly

Tragic: 14-Year Old Vaccine Myocarditis Victim

Climate Catastrophe Cancelled Should be the Real Message of COP27

Media Ignore Record-Cold November Temps At South Pole

Elon Musk: “Klaus Schwab Is LYING!!!”

Bannons War Room LIVE midterm election coverage

🔴 WATCH LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Holds Save America Rally in Latrobe, PA – 11/5/22

🔴 WATCH LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Holds Rally in Miami, FL – 11/6/22

Things you still can not write on Twitter:

“.. Because Big Mike and Barry O. Bummer from Kenya wants to make disgusting sexuality accepted, hoping they can come out of the closet and look normal …”

Tucker Carlson: Transparency Restores Faith In Institutions


I knew this would happen

Tucker Carlson: Democrats Will Use Horrific Paul Pelosi Attack To Hold Onto Censorship

Wicked Globalists Are Causing Starvation and Poverty Under the Guise of Environmentalism

It’s All Bullshit! (Youtube)

Entering Hades? An Ideological Subversion Of Science

Tucker Carlson: Fetterman’s Candidacy Tells Us Something Dark About The Democratic Party

How did we get here?

“Green” stupidity in Oslo, Norway. A generator charging an electrical excavator … (the article is in Norwegian, but you only need to look at the picture to understand how low IQ this is!)

Don’t Believe The Hype: Exposing Staggering Cost of Subsidised Wind & Solar ‘Transition’

Why The Censors Fear Information Freedom

Arizona Gubernatorial Debate

President Donald J. Trump in Robstown, TX

Tucker Carlson: Elon Musk Is Committing This Unforgivable Sin To The Left

Leftists do not actually care about the environment, they get paid to pretend to care!

Tucker Carlson: For Midterm Elections, Democrats Are Really Running On Fantasy, Denial


Episode 2227: Parents Fight Back In Michigan Against Gender Ideology Being Pushed On Their Children

The Plan To Enslave Humanity With Man Made Climate Change Propaganda

Tucker Carlson: AOC Is Not At All What She Says She Is – She’s A Stooge

It was all staged!:

  • Temperature potential in the atmosphere is dictated by pressure, gravity and mass. In the real world there’s no “Greenhouse Gases” – or “Greenhouse Effect” – Closest we get is “Water Vapor,” but that has always been called “Latent Heat” – The main reason for this is the density of the lower part of the atmosphere, the Troposphere where all measurable energy (heat) is transported by Convection and Advection, not Infrared (IR) radiation, I. E.: CO2 is not the enemy

Twitter Bots Need A New Algorithm

Why do they do this?

President Donald J. Trump in Minden, NV

Full Speech: President Donald Trump Save America Rally In Warren, MI 10/1/22

  • Europe suffers horrifying 755% increase in Excess Deaths among Children since EMA approved COVID Vaccine for Kids
  • Surprise! Green Group Behind Biden’s Radical Green Agenda Has Deep Ties to Communist China .. Actually, it is not a surprise, the climate fraud nonsense is just as low IQ., corrupt and stupid as communism and most of the communists themselves. A fact everybody knows, but becuse of sensorship of the media and prosecution of truthtellers people do not get to talk about it, but EVERYBODY knows it. Communism (or leftism or socialism, same shit – different names) can not compete on ideas in an open market, they have to cheat, lie and steal (just like the DemocRats do., in short they are all just criminals) .. and that is the point, to make the West END their own industries to buy cheap, very bad goods from China, to make China and the CCP more powerful than the US. Only one problem with that, the low IQ communist corruption, stupidity and incompetence is about to end the CCP – Like Margaret Thatcher said, at one point they (the left) will run out of other peoples money .. Always only a matter of time.

President Donald Trump Rally  Wilminton, NC 9/23/22

President Donald J. Trump in Youngstown, OH

What’s up with these people?

‘Citizens for Sanity’ Releases Powerful Ad “STOP THE SLAUGHTER” Exposing Woke Leftist Politicians Turning Our Cities into a Living Hell

President Donald J. Trump in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Tucker Carlson: The Green New Deal Means Poverty

Tucker Carlson: The FBI Has Been Working On Behalf Of The Democratic Party