Genocide Games

February 12, 2022:

Leftist incompetence on display – Again .. and:

Everything by and from the left is FAKE – This time – FAKE snow!:

10 Dystopian Visions of the Beijing Winter Olympics

Video: China Uncensored

.. why all fascists, marxist, nazis, communists, socialists and the rest of the very sick, totalitarian left love censorship, in fact they are dependent on it (safe spaces, remember!?) because to them words are violence (real violence is something they rent people to rain down at their political adversaries, then it is called for example “mostly peaceful protest” – you really can’t make this up!!), but also, because they are 100% aware that what they are doing is WRONG!!

February 7, 2022:

What’s the real cost for an artificially white winter Olympics? It has imposed heavy burden on China

Video: China Insights
The 2022 Winter Olympic Games opened in Beijing on February 4, 2022. Against the backdrop of a grand spectacle, the massive financial toll has made the already fragile finances of China and the Olympic-associated region worse.
5 Central Asian heads of state attended the Games after Xi promised a $500 million giveaway…

February 6, 2022:

The 2022 Winter Olympic Games began Friday in Beijing, China. The Games kicked off with a summit of our enemies between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping conspiring against America.

The Olympic Games should never have been held in communist China. The games are a huge propaganda coup for the Chinese Communist Party, which will not hesitate to exploit the Games by highlighting communist China’s power for all the world to see ..”

January 28, 2022:

The World Over January 27, 2022 | OLYMPICS: Reggie Littlejohn & Steven Mosher with Raymond Arroyo

Video: EWTN (youtube)