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January 6, 2023:

December 31, 2022:

The “Greenhouse Effect” theory is FAKE!!

“Back Radiation! is the main magic of the nonsense, but .. No matter what altitude the now depleted and low energy (“heat”) is starting its way down from, to add energy (heat) to the earth’s already warmer surface, it has to overcome a gradually denser, warmer atmosphere as it descends, convection, water vapor and the fact that more CO2 only increases the resistance for the energy (heat) to radiate back down to reach the surface by dilution of energy through dispersion (CO2 emits infrared radiation in 1/31000 part of a second in all direction, which is the reason it is such an effective coolant), it’s basically a wall it can’t radiate through, making “Back Radiation” and the “Greenhouse Effect” theory a joke, a very, very bad joke!!

R. J. L.


What if the, so far 23 Democrats not opted for reelection didn’t withdraw because they were afraid of losing, but are those weakest, those who don’t dare taking part in the next election steal they know will be even worse than 2020??

Here’s How Democrats Plan to ‘Rig’ the 2022 Election to Keep Democrats in Majority and Pelosi Speaker
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