President Donald J. Trump

Newslinks in random order:

Revolver News (News)
The Gateway Pundit (News)
PA Pundits – International (Comments, news and re-posts)
WorldNetDaily a. k. a. WND (News)
American Thinker (Daily commentary)
CD Media (Global news and commentary with little low IQ leftist spin)
America Out Loud (Commentary read out loud)
The Daily Caller (News site you can’t use without an AD Blocker)
Breaking911 (Breaking news)
The Federalist Papers (Conservative news and commentary)
IndependentSentinel (News, politics and opinion)
BizPacReview (Conservative news)
South Africa Today (Main source for farm attacks in S.A.)
Humans Are Free
Breitbart (Newsite with too much nagging pop-ups, FAKE and speculative ads and disturbances, use AD Block!)

Climate-related links in random order:

Climate Change Dispatch
The Global Warming Policy Foundation (Climate and energy policies)
Stop These Things (“Green” Energy BS!!)
Cfact (Climate science, energy news and commentary)
WUWT (Climate news and science)
Climate Depot (Climate news and science)
NoTricksZone (Science)
Tony Heller’s Real Climate Science (Facts, historical weather data and science)
Junk Science (Commentary and climate science)
ScienceDirect (General science)
Strange Sounds (Weather events, volcanoes etc.)
Live temperatures around the world (Earth Nullschool)

Free speech Social Media in random order:

Banned.Video (videos with true view statistics)


Extinction Clock

Not on this list – FAKE News – nor social media controlled by fascists

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