Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles – on the shoulders of both slave and child labor in dirty, unsecured, third world African mines – for all of you woke, important “Green,” first world, rich local heroes.

July 26, 2021:

The World Will Run Out Of EV Batteries By 2025

GWPF condemns Boris Johnson’s plan for new “subsidies for the rich”

Not only is the government considering regressive road charging, it now wants ordinary households to pay for charging stations, instead of making EV drivers pay the cost
July 1, 2021:

Why The UK Govt Must Give Up Its Dangerous EV Obsession

Brand new Tesla Model S Plaid ‘drives up hill while ablaze’ just weeks after model with new battery went on market

June 28, 2021:

Electric Cars Will Eventually Get Us Nowhere

Electric cars is only interesting if it is affordable. That means less batteries and more induction fields on long stretches of roads+ plentiful, cheap nuclear energy.

But why would you even bother, there’s no lack of energy …