Communism is a political system, an ideology of envy where you don’t own anything, your individual rights doesn’t exist, where your individualism, your personality is crushed, you as a person doesn’t matter, you are easily replaced and nobody cares. Do as you are told or tomorrow will be short!

On the other side, people who support this system of governance are probably doing it because they themselves has secret ambitions for power and personal enrichment, i.e. they have a corrupt mindset from the get go and often also no work ethics, i.e. they are communists, or leftists.

Why the Silent Majority Is Turning Angry

July 24, 2021:

Traveling the Quiet Road to Tyranny

Slouching Toward Dictatorship

It’s About Time We Stopped “Trying Communism”

America Is Only One Step Away From A South African-Style Social Implosion

July 18, 2021:

Child of Cuban Refugees: ‘If Communism Was So Great, Wouldn’t It Sustain Itself?’

July 16, 2021:

True socialism will work this time said the wolf

This is how the Democrat Hellhole of San Fran is doing

Ted Cruz: U.S. Socialists Do Not Want to Talk About the ‘Torture’ and ‘Oppression’ Their Ideology Causes

Tomi Lahren: People are finally realizing BLM’s radical Marxism

Video: Fox News


Randi Weingarten’s ‘Honest’ Truth

Socialism Always Leads to Violence

Video: John Stossel


July 15, 2021:

What difference does it make what senile criminals in old people’s homes think? Regardless, they are stating the obvious:

White House Finally Admits: ‘Communism Is a Failed Ideology’

July 14, 2021:

Marxist America, the new Soviet Union

Cubans Rally in Florida: Communism ‘The Last Thing You Want for a Country Like America’

The Media Is LYING To You About Cuba

Video: Candace
After protests broke out in Cuba against the Communist regime, the media (predictably) gaslit the American people into thinking that the uprising was due to a lack of COVD-19 vaccinations. Don’t let the media get away with it — they are lying to you.

Remember the victims of July 1994