Crisis at the border

Leftist incompetence, wickedness, corruption and stupidity is visible everywhere, also, perhaps especially at the border:
September 17, 2021:

Texas governor to SHUT DOWN border crossing points to stop migrants ‘overrunning our state’

September 12, 2021:

Large Sections of the Border Wall Have Been REMOVED and Left WIDE OPEN Along Heavily Trafficked Drug Route in Southern Arizona

August 3, 2021:

Record 210,000 Illegal Aliens Apprehended at US Southern Border in July – During COVID Pandemic – A 21-Year High

August 2, 2021:

Migrant Surge Prompts “Mass Releases” of Illegals in McAllen TX; Greyhound Buses Still Being Used, Governor’s Executive Order Not Being Followed

Drone Footage Shows Hundreds Of Migrants Held By Border Patrol Under Texas Bridge – Biden To Provide Them Free Hotels, Plane Tickets, Lawyers

July 19, 2021:

USFDC gives a terrifying update on the border

July 16, 2021:

Open Borders Lobby Begs for Amnesty After DACA Ruled Unconstitutional

INVASION: Almost 190,000 Illegals Crossed the Border in June, Highest of any Month; Now Over 1 MILLION for the Year

July 15, 2021:

Tucker obtains whistleblower report on military flying illegal immigrants

Video: Fox News
‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host reacts to migrant apprehension numbers. #FoxNews #Tucker

June 7, 2021:

Tucker: Kamala Harris is no genius, obviously

Video: Fox News

.. to change the demographic in order to win election because their ideas doesn’t work anymore:

Candace Owens: Americans need to wake up

Video: Fox News

June 2, 2021:

‘The Five’ reacts to ‘shocking’ video of 5-year-old screaming for help at border

Video: Fox News


Biden’s border policy keeps getting worse