June 4, 2021:

Yellen & The Big Push To Offshore US Labor

May JOBS Numbers Released and for the Second Straight Month the Results Don’t Meet Expectations

June 1, 2021:

Welcome Back to the 1970s … The Worst Case Scenario Biden Economy

Video: Bannons War Room

May 29, 2021:

Gasoline prices surge to 7-year high over Memorial Day weekend

May 28, 2021:

Biden Budget Proposes to Force Taxpayers to Pay for Abortions

‘Much Less Than Meets The Eye’ – Biden Officially Unveils Budget With Retroactive Capital Gains Tax Hike

Peter Schiff: Inflation Crashes The Party

And Now Prices Are Really Soaring: May Rent Jump Is Biggest On Record

Bloomberg News: Your Paycheck is Now Worth 3.1% Less Than Last Year Thanks to Biden’s Inflation Tax

May 12, 2021:

Abysmal Jobs Report Shows Folly Of Biden’s Big-Spending Agenda

May 9, 2021:

78 members of Congress tell court Biden doesn’t control state taxes