Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory, – to water down everyone’s individuality, rights, worth and to confuse, – in short, a disgusting, racist, evil mean to control and abuse.

When everything is racist, nothing is!

Btw .. There’s only one human race, differences is only superficial – caused by time and geography, inside we’re all the same.

October 28, 2021:

Why do birds flee when a human approaches? Why do wild animals fear humans, don’t they know how nice we are? Why do babies often cry when a stranger pick them up? Are babies full of prejudice and racism?

Or, can the explanation be purely genetical, or biological, we all fear what we don’t know and a baby’s cry when a stranger pick him/her up migh just be an alarm for the baby’s mother; “Hey, there might be danger here .. Come check it out.”

Later, when we’re older, do we talk to strangers? Why not?
Again, it’s about danger, not racism (most of the time we do not even talk to strangers of the same race).

CRT: You Can’t Just Be Not Racist, You Have To Be Anti-Racist

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October 6, 2021:
October 5, 2021:
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Critical Race Theory is Designed to Take America Down

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August 2, 2021:

A new video with the best pushback yet against Critical Race Theory

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Critical Race Theory Is Insulting To Everyone

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June 19, 2021:

Mom From Soviet Union Destroys Marxist Critical Race Theory: This “Equity For All” Propaganda “Quickly Ended With Nothing To Eat”

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May 29, 2021:

Gutfeld: Corporations are behind woke culture

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June 6, 2020: