Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory, – to water down everyone’s individuality, rights, worth and to confuse, – in short, a disgusting, racist, evil mean to control and abuse.

When everything is racist, nothing is!

Btw .. There’s only one human race, differences is only superficial – caused by time and geography, inside we’re all the same.

June 2, 2021:

Want to stop Critical Race Theory? Fight to control the school board

Black dad and young daughter demolish Critical Race Theory

There are good people out there resisting Critical Race Theory

May 29, 2021:

Trump-Era 1776 Commission Opposes Funding For “Teaching Of Racial Discrimination” In Schools

BUSTED! Professor Admits Critical Race Theory Is To Build The ‘Church Of Marxism’

11 states considering bans on teaching Critical Race Theory

Latest threat: NBC News touts radical leftist ed standards for all schools

Spain launched skin-toned ‘Equality Stamps’, an idea so bad it’s already been stopped

James Dobson calls for the defense of children from society’s assault

Christopher Rufo reveals shocking critical race theory training Lockheed Martin employees underwent

Gutfeld: Corporations are behind woke culture

Video: Fox News


June 6, 2020:

1619 project, a radical version of US history, is mandated in some schools