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President Trump Delivers Remarks at NRA Annual Meeting

Restrict Act

Jeremy Brown Sentenced to 7 Years and 3 Months in Prison for Refusing to Work as an Undercover Operative for FBI on January 6 and Then Later Released Audio of His Meeting with FBI
George Soros’ Chief Mission Is The Downfall Of America
Ministers were warned net zero schemes won’t work

Nigel Lawson, Margaret Thatcher’s chancellor and father of food writer Nigella, dies at 91

Buffalo Guy Tagged And Released Back Into Wild

How democracy was suspended in India in 1971, and how familiar that looks to the U.S. today
Pedo-puppet’s America just Joined Seven Other “Shithole” Nations by Arresting an Opposition Leader (Adjusted to reflect reality)
Doug Casey On How Governments Use Global Crises To Take More Control
The Energy Transition Is A Delusion Indeed

Hungary And Italy Pass Laws To Protect Citizens From Insect Use In Food
Renz Missouri House Testimony – BioTech Admits Gate’s GMO Factory Food IS a Gene Therapy
Yes, the Nazis were left wing — not of the right, and certainly not conservative
Good News: Italy Bans Insect Flour from its Pasta and Pizza

TRUMP RALLY LIVE: President Trump Holds First 2024 Campaign Rally in WACO, TX- 3/25/23

Darn, so close! Wrong virus .. But wait, we will pretty soon have the right virus to trick the world’s governments into relinquish authority to the CCP owned WHO

Trump Won – Natasha Owens

President Donald Trump Delivers Remarks at CPAC

The List Of 120 Years Of Climate Scares By Scientists

You can not make this sick stuff up: Lab-Grown Meat Pushed By WEF And Bill Gates As A Remedy For Climate Change Is Made Of ‘Immortalized’ Cancer Cells (How EVIL is it possible to get, Dr. Mengele?)

Objective Science Assessment: Hypothesis CO2 Controls The Climate Is On Quicksand

More documentation of the 2020 election rigging showing the Supreme Court was in on the scheme

The Extreme Danger Of Ideology Collectivism is one of the many fundamentally and deeply deceptive and dangerous features of all of the many ideologies of the EVIL left (socialism, marxism, nazism, fascism, communism ..)

Today’s “Enemy of the people”: COVID Immunization and Surveillance
Dissolution Of Spike Protein By Nattokinase

Millions face threat of flooding from glacial lakes–(Or Maybe Not!) 

Mao’s Playbook, ANTIFA’s Army & America’s Future

Absolutely Abhorrent and Disgusting!! Natural News releases lab microscopy photos of cricket protein and cricket snacks

In one single graph we get a splendid illustration as to why the (“Green”) left don’t like free speech!


How Dems took control of courts – and then elections

What GOP House SHOULD be investigating? The Big Steal
The pedo puppet Et. Al. is controlled by the CCP – That is why there’s a massive #ClimateFRAUD blooming these days. So many criminals want’s a piece of the action, loot what is still left of the US – while they still can

Covid jab spike proteins get “delivered” to ALL bodily organs, resulting in hyper-accelerated aging

Anti-Inflammatory Drug Turns Back Time, Makes Aging Blood Young Again

Why The World Economic Forum Wants To Stop Us Eating Eggs

A History of how Corruption has Grown in the Federal Government

“The FBI Isn’t Hunting Down Public Enemy #1…The FBI’s Become Public Enemy #1” – Chanel Rion on OAN

Vitamin D Cuts COVID-19 Risk of Death in Half, New Study Finds. So Why Isn’t it Recommended?

The Evidence on Red Meat: Is it Carcinogenic or Healthy?

The Globalist Manufactured ‘Food Crisis’ Of 2023

Global Cooling Due Now

What Does “Woke” Mean?

It’s called “Latent Heat”!: Observation: Removing Water Vapor (Greenhouse Gas) Leads To Warming…Adding It Leads To Cooling


The Environmentalist Assault on Civilization: ‘With prosperity, we can adapt as we always have. With tyranny, we can do nothing’

Jordan Peterson Tells Joe Rogan Of Plan For Alternative To World Economic Forum

Arizona’s Stolen Elections and Corruption in the Courts

The Lancet Claims ‘Climate Change’ Is A “Medical Emergency”

How Bill Gates Et. Al. manipulate demand for  their FAKE (poisonous) products: Massive Fire Mysteriously Occurs At Egg Farm In Connecticut

America Is Fighting A Modern World War

The List of 10 Absurdities in the ‘Name of Science’

The Billy Bob Rape-Enthusiast Clinton Suicide Team, a Secret Group of Criminals from the Secret Service (DOJ) at Work: TUCKER CARLSON: A look into the strange circumstances around Jeffrey Epstein’s death
Socialists are envious, incompetent, self centred, power hungry and evil, they lack empathy, – who is being harmed or killed anyway? It’s so easy to just not care when you are not targeted by “Super Predators” and other criminals!: ‘Why do they want more rape and armed robbery and murder?’
“Steely-Eyed Missile Men” Demolish the Climate Scare

The Billionaires Behind The Gas Bans

Politifact and Twitter Now Bullies the Vaccine Injured

The Limit of our Obedience – Good People Break Bad Laws #01

Tucker Carlson: Antifa Is The Armed Militia Of The Democratic Party And Is Back In Force

Murdered For Her Hospital Bed
Another example as to why socialists shouldn’t be allowed to decide anything: Welcome To Hotel California: Lawmakers Move To Tax People Who Have Left The State

Carbon Credits Are The Biggest Scam Since Indulgences… How You Can Avoid Being Fleeced

Diamond’s Memorial Service

Joe’s Destruction of America is about Half Over; the Destruction is Incalculable

How Long Have the Secret Police Been Running US Politics?

Davos 2023: Whistling Past The Great Reset’s Graveyard

Target: Civilization

The Mainstream Media Admits That We Are Facing “The Worst Food Crisis In Modern History”

New Oreskes Paper Shows Linkage To Notorious Climate Lawfare Mill
“You Will Eat ze Bugs and Be Happy”: EU Authorizes Crickets for Consumption
Escort agencies booked solid for Davos forum

Milloy climate tweet sets Twitter abuzz; Even Musk admits he is no believer

Energy Transition Farce Continues In Germany

Konstantin Kisin | This House Believes Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far – 7/8 | Oxford Union (via Climate Change)

FRANCE: ‘Islamic Dog Jihad’ continues as Muslim is sentenced to prison for theft, abuse, and rape of 8-month old female dog

Net Zero Will Lead to the End of Modern Civilisation, Says Top Scientist

Frozen Wind Turbines & Solar Panels Leave Thousands of Americans Freezing In The Dark
Shocker – Not! It’s Official: Leftist Researchers Lie
Who are the criminals behind the election rigging and theft in the US in 2020 and 2022, and also in Brazil last year? Check out who goes to the WEF meeting in Davos!

They had years to rig the election. Now we know they did not forget the Supreme Court

Another Democracy Goes Authoritarian: Brazil
Losing democracy in Brazil

If you are donating money to DWB you are supporting a criminal organization heavily engaged in trafficking criminals to Europe

YouTube Bans Heartland Institute’s Channel Just Before Live-stream with Climate Scientist Judith Curry

The Replication Crisis Gripping American Science

Aging Reversed In Mice. People Next?

World Economic Forum Declares Pedophiles ‘Will Save Humanity’

The Fabric Of Our Society Is Coming Apart At The Seams Right In Front Of Our Eyes

Green Investors Pay the Media to Promote ‘Climate Change’

Temps Cause CO2 Changes, Not the Reverse. 2023 Update
The Expensive And Harmful Truth About Electric Vehicles