Bannons War Room


July 6, 2021:

The vaccine is a test, how far can they go, how much will people tolerate?!?

Tyrants Takeover America By Door to Door

Isn’t it strange that only leftist liars need “fact checkers” – like that will make their lies and deception any more true. Damn they are stupid!:

Fact Checker Gets War Room Struggle Session

June 26, 2021:

Bannons War Room Episode 1,052 – Paper is the Best Evidence

June 24, 2021:

Bannons War Room Episode 1,048 – War on the Middle Class and the Knee-Capping of Giuliani

Bannons War Room Episode 1,047 – The Pillow Hour Pt. 2

Bannons War Room Episode 1,046 – The Pillow Hour

June 23, 2021:

The New Populist Rising Takes Charge

Bannons War Room

Taking Down The CCP (Fight For Hong Kong) – Miles Guo (Steve Bannon’s War Room Song)