Your Money Vault – Norway

Norway’s banking system is very solid, other parts of the world is not in that position, with the reason bank collapse in the US as one example.

China’s economy also seem to be in a rough spot, limiting how much people can withdraw from their own bank accounts, which is bad enough, but the CCP also force companies to pay extortion money, Jack Ma even had to resign from his own company.

The need to secure your money, or some of your money has never been more urgent no matter where you are. You might want to transfer it into crypto, or to Switzerland or another tax heaven, and that might be all well and good.

What we offer is something else, a little different, – your own virtual vault where you can put your real money, where nobody can access the money but you, or the people you have granted access and access code to.

The money can be scheduled to be transferred to any number of accounts at any given time.

You can also schedule for your funds to be transferred to relatives, friends or even yourself after you have stopped responding for example for medical reasons (valid from our last confirmed correspondence), all according to your list and after a time delay of your choosing, example after 6 months, a year, after 2 years etc.

This system makes your funds untraceable. It’s not a legal loophole, it’s not a glitch, it’s just a feature of the Norwegian banking system that nobody seems to have noticed, or thought of to our knowledge.

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