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Remember, it’s all about amplifying and spreading the message, like Steve Bannon keep saying; to be a force multiplier, like the FAKE news media does as part of the deep state, but our (most conservative outlets) messages and ideas are both much better, mostly truthful, logical and actual based on facts and real science.

This website was started back in 2015, after I was locked out of Facebook for being honest (this would probably be the content at least l would have posted on my Facebook page if I still were allowed to be there undisturbed and uncensored). Since that I have quit all social media run by fascists. Supports President Trump 100% – The actual winner on Nov. 3, 2020.

So, instead of having 246 potential readers (“friends”) on Facebook I now have 1000’s each day and 10,000 subscribers. Thank you Zuckface!!

So, still in that zuckface-lane, we got a new page dedicated to (political) humor, irony etc. Link
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