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Climate Goals vs. Human Well-Being: A LIVE Discussion with Dr. Judith Curry

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Tim Ball – The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science

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Evidence of FRAUD!:

“A Clear Sign Of Climate Change”

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January 11, 2022:

The many “Climate Agreements” over the years, all portraited at
reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, but none had any effect as we can see at the graph below. Why is that??

Because it was never about reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere, it was only a ruse, a hype, a scheme and an excuse to implement more rules, dollar fans, solar and make you pay more taxes.

Thirty Years Of Fake CO2 Agreements

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August 28, 2021:

CLINTEL goes to court


Guus Berkhout
Marcel Crok via WUWT

CLINTEL believes that the European Court of Human Rights should make decisions based on the best available science and the best policy analysis. The record currently before the court is incorrect and misleading. We intend to submit scientific information to the court to correct the record. For instance, the court believes that the so-called “climate emergency” is a scientific concept, which it is not.

In short, our submission will help the court to prevent the same kinds of errors that the Dutch Supreme Court made in the Urgenda case, on which the DUARTE case relies.

Our request to court can be found here.

Urgenda v. The Netherlands
In 2014, on behalf of all Dutch citizens, a climate action group called Urgenda started a lawsuit against the Dutch government to force it to adopt stricter emission-reduction (mitigation) policy. This lawsuit finally came to an end in December 2019. The Supreme Court in The Hague ruled that the Dutch government must indeed comply with Urgenda’s demands. The state was ordered to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by the end of 2020. According to the court, climate change threatens the right to life laid down in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). The court order has resulted in the government taking many of the additional mitigation measures required by Urgenda. These measures have imposed substantial additional expenses on Dutch citizens and produced a negligible effect on the global climate. Full article ..

August 12, 2021:

Mainstream Science Says CO2 Radiatively Cools Most Of The Atmospheres Of Earth, Venus, And Mars

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August 10, 2021:

In reality there’s no (man made) climate change, they just say that in order for you to accept more taxes and less freedom, i.e. to make you accept their Marxism.

What else does the Chinese Communist money corrupt, in addition to the UN., UN IPCC., media and big tech?:

“.. It makes perfect sense that the Chinese Communists are manipulating fears of a climate catastrophe to its advantage. The CCP wants the U.S. and other nations to pass laws making energy and manufacturing more expensive while they expand their economy, take our industries and our jobs and do so with little regard for the environment or human rights.

No one should be surprised by this. It is a strategic geopolitical tool used by China and other nations that want to weaken America, and the freedoms we enjoy ..” More ..

.. and why the West doesn’t do anything about it:

“The Great Reset is upon us…or at least the powers that be are trying to bring it out. What was once a fringe “conspiracy theory” is now on display plain as day for everyone to see.

The economic, political, academic, and media elites around the world are leveraging the chaos, confusion, and restrictions on liberty from the COVID-19 lockdowns and using them to radically alter society around the world ..” More ..

Based on results:

That’s what the CCP wants, they do not mind America have energy, just not affordable energy. You know, can’t risk industry production and jobs moving back to the US:

Joe Biden broke America’s oil production – and now he does this

They are all Communists who hate capitalism, or are paid to ignore and look the other way.

August 9, 2021:

Not climate?:

What Is The World Worrying About? Jobs, Jabs, & Jail

July 29, 2021:

There Were 23 Global Warming Jolts Many Times Faster And Greater Than Modern During The Last Glacial

Climate scientists realize models yield “implausibly hot forecasts of future warming.”

They keep calling themselves “scientists” but their message are screaming dishonest alarmism – deeply dependent alarmism (government grants, i.e. taxpayers money) – Not science, but typical leftist FRAUD!:

14,000 Scientists Warn of Imminent Climate Tipping Points

July 25, 2021:

There Is No Climate Crisis

Update September 25th. 2020: Scientists Find Peak 1940s Warmth, Post-1950s Cooling In The Same Western US Region Where Hockey Sticks Emerged

“.. A new Scandinavian temperature reconstruction (Seftigen et al., 2020) that’s “skillfull in characterizing past temperature changes over the past one to two millennia” finds there’s been no net warming in Greta’s home country (Sweden) in the last 212 years ..”

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Update September 12th. 2020: 49 NASA Scientists Tell The Truth

Update June 30th. 2020: Albert Einstein: “CO2 Can’t Store Heat”

Update May 28th. 2020: The State of the Climate 2019 Ole Humlum Report 42, The Global Warming Policy Foundation

When it comes to temperature, CO2 is totally irrelevant because of convection alone!

Over 99,9% of all energy (i.e. heat) in the atmosphere comes from the sun. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) doesn’t produce any heat (energy), nor does it prevent or delay convection.

The temperature at the surface of the earth is the result of energy input, pressure, gravity and mass.


Lindzen On-Climate-Sensitivity

IR Expert Speaks Out After 40 Years Of Silence : “IT’S THE WATER VAPOR STUPID and not the CO2”

Mike Sanicola  says:

I’m a professional infrared astronomer who spent his life trying to observe space through the atmosphere’s back-radiation that the environmental activists claim is caused by CO2 and guess what? In all the bands that are responsible for back radiation in the brightness temperatures (color temperatures) related to earth’s surface temperature (between 9 microns and 13 microns for temps of 220K to 320 K) there is no absorption of radiation by CO2 at all. In all the bands between 9 and 9.5 there is mild absorption by H2O, from 9.5 to 10 microns (300 K) the atmosphere is perfectly clear except around 9.6 is a big ozone band that the warmists never mention for some reason. From 10 to 13 microns there is more absorption by H2O. Starting at 13 we get CO2 absorption but that wavelength corresponds to temperatures below even that of the south pole. Nowhere from 9 to 13 microns do we see appreciable absorption bands of CO2. This means the greenhouse effect is way over 95% caused by water vapor and probably less than 3% from CO2. I would say even ozone is more important due to the 9.6 band, but it’s so high in the atmosphere that it probably serves more to radiate heat into space than for back-radiation to the surface. The whole theory of a CO2 greenhouse effect is wrong yet the ignorant masses in academia have gone to great lengths trying to prove it with one lie and false study after another, mainly because the people pushing the global warming hoax are funded by the government who needs to report what it does to the IPCC to further their “cause”. I’m retired so I don’t need to keep my mouth shut anymore. Kept my mouth shut for 40 years, now I will tell you, not one single IR astronomer gives a rats arse about CO2. Just to let you know how stupid the global warming activists are, I’ve been to the south pole 3 times and even there, where the water vapor is under 0.2 mm precipitable, it’s still the H2O that is the main concern in our field and nobody even talks about CO2 because CO2 doesn’t absorb or radiate in the portion of the spectrum corresponding with earth’s surface temps of 220 to 320 K. Not at all. Therefore, for Earth as a black body radiator IT’S THE WATER VAPOR STUPID and not the CO2.

More of how CO2 doesn’t radiate in the lower troposphere. Email exchange between William Happer and David Burton

1. The way I see it, science is pretty clear: There’s no “Greenhouse Gases” and even less “Greenhouse Effect” – regardless of CO2 (Are you kidding? No – CO2 is still irrelevant!)

2. Will The “War” On Carbon Dioxide (CO2) End Birds, Tourism And Commerce Through Air As The Atmosphere Continue To Shrink And Thin? And – No CO2 = No Oxygen And No Oxygen = No Ozone = End Of Life

3. If (Man Made) Global Warming (“climate change”) is Real, why are Activists and Criminals Manufacturing FAKE Evidence?

CO2 level in the atmosphere is the result of temperature and ougassing from the oceans. Today’s level is about 420 ppmv.

CO2 level at the start of the 1940’s was measured up to 130 ppmv. over today’s level at the surface, strongly documenting that the 30’s must have been warmer than today.

Climate Change is Inversion of Reality


Is The Global Temperature Record Credible?

In this video I make a detailed examination of the quality of the global temperature record, which all of climate science is dependent on. It is a long video, with lots of important historical information. Video: Tony Heller 


So, that’s that, no more global warming bullshit!


25. April 2016 was when i realized he would be the next US President!